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Is Facebook a proverbial purgatory for teens and adolescents?

It's a story that doesn't need much explaining. We've all seen the explosion of popularity for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. There's no denying that these websites provide a great platform for people to communicate and get in touch with each other, but do they also have an uglier side? A side that drains hours on end of teenage recreational time, that otherwise might have been spent on exercise or study?

Here's an interesting anecdote to consider; As an 18 year old university student, you can understand that facebook is a fairly constant figure in my social life. However, towards the end of my senior year of high school, I decided that I was spending too much time on facebook and away from the books. As such, I decided to put my account on hold until the term was out and I'd completed my tests. After a week or so, it had become obvious that I was almost totally disconnected from nearly all social going ons (excluding what happened at school of course). I even had people sending me texts asking if I was alive. After another week, I caved in to pressure and returned to facebook.

I think this tale highlights just how dominant social networking has really become. I think to an extent there is an immense pressure on teens, who are at a critical age for social connection, to remain plugged in, lest they become isolated from their peers.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, so please don't hesitate to comment.

  • Aug 1 2011: There is an addiction factor to Facebook, however, with the evolution of technology combined with our need to know, it cannot be avoided. In the old days, people would keep up with each other through letters and gossip. It moved on to telephones, email, texting, and now social networks. We constantly want to know whats happening, what is the latest trend, who's dating who, and so on. We no longer have the ability to discover this information face to face as our main way of communication has evolved to an electronic, and disassociating, level. This is extremely unfortunate and is having consequences during social interactions at work, social life, etc. Due to the addiction of the technological social networking, are we even capable of making stable, live relationships any more without the use of an electronic in between?
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    Jul 27 2011: I agree that Facebook and Twitter seem to be the main form of communication in todays society.

    I took the decision to stop using it as my main source of information and with time it became very easy as people realsed that this was not a way of contacting me. I now have a situation where if its on facebook, it is not important!
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    Jul 27 2011: Hi Liam...

    In my thoughts, i think people now days especially students who seems to be addicted to "facebooking" need to really learn how to manage their time well since most of the teenagers is really hooked up to their computers and depends too much on it. Maybe the parents (for teenagers) should put a limit for their social networking hour. It seems like now days people seem like they don't have any lifes because they were too pre occupied in front of their network life.