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What if the ANATROLLER ARI-100 robot is implemented by our government for cleaning our environment up to some extent ???

As the use of humans is decreasing in the factory and other industrial applications, the use of robots are bringing a great demand.So now the costs of robots such as anatroller ARI-100 is getting decreased.The use of anatroller is only up to some extent such as in prisons and other highly recommended places.Also in some of the under developed and developed countries the work of municipalities and other cleaning communities are unsuccessful. The governments are implementing more advanced technologies in many of the places.Even though the government and all the people all over the world are aware of environmental pollution but none of them are taking an active part in saving it.What if the ANATROLLER is used in cleaning the environment and also helpful in removing some hazardous gases.ANATROLLER ARI-100 which would be useful in cleaning our polluted environment up to some extent.