Lori Blum-Fagien

Senior Executive Director of Preventive Healthcare and Wellness, Consultant - Health and Wellness

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Is your quality of life important to you through preventive health

By storing you adult stem cells today, could be your chance for having an incurable debilitating illness that can be prevented through your own adult stem cells. Knowing the advances in medicine through stem cell treatements and therapy now, insurance companies you think would clamor at the idea of a healthy you today is a better you tomorrow.

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    Jul 27 2011: I think we need to define "preventive health" a little further... for me, "prevention" is not primarily to produce new organs with stem cells, so I can be careless with the ones I have. It's rather maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the first place... and I don't think insurance companies would provide financial support for new organs otherwise.
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    Jul 27 2011: It's not about creating new organs, it about using your own adult stem cells to repair your tissues and organs freeing them of disease. Remaining healthy is not a guarantee you won't get a debilitating disease where your stem cells could help you by not irradicating the disease but by reversing and slowing down the process as Ive witnesses through stem cell treatments for neurological diseases being done currently like Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease
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      Jul 30 2011: Lori, that do sound like a great solution too perhaps we can perfect it someday (how's the progress of the research so far?)

      Simone's point about maintaining a healthy lifestyle is like the other end of the spectrum for "preventive health". According to Dr. Lim Siow Jin we are not supposed to get sick because "Our body is the best doctor".