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Where do you live, and why?

I entered a career in technology so that I could live anywhere. Now I find myself living and working a few miles from my childhood home. It's a nice area, but I'm not sure why I stay. So to better reflect on my own situation, I'm curious to know why you live where you live.


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  • Jul 31 2011: I lived in the city while attending the university and pursuing my profession as an attorney. But in retirement, my husband and I did not want to stay in the congestion and anonymity of the city. We moved to a remote, tiny town in the Rockies, which we love. It's gorgeous, provides a wealth of options for outdoor activities, hosts an interesting population of progressives, offers many opportunities for community activism and socializing, and requires that we use much less energy than we did in the city. We can ride our bikes around town and need to go into the larger shopping area 30 miles away only once a week. And no air conditioning needed!

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