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Where do you live, and why?

I entered a career in technology so that I could live anywhere. Now I find myself living and working a few miles from my childhood home. It's a nice area, but I'm not sure why I stay. So to better reflect on my own situation, I'm curious to know why you live where you live.


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  • Jul 27 2011: New York City is where I live. I made the choice to move here from Montana because I wanted to live somewhere with a minimal environmental footprint.
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      Jul 27 2011: nice one - I now live in town because I had to drive to everything (shops, school, work) now I can cycle - leave the countryside to the birds and the bees.

      Hopefully nature lovers moving to the countryside will one day realise their mistake.
      • Jul 30 2011: The movement is still slow and small, but there are a few "suburbs" that are being built these days with being able to walk or ride a bike everywhere as the underlying design.

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