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What if robots employed in government organisations ???

At present the modern technologies are getting developed faster and the application of robots had got a great demand.The man has a capability of doing crime such as taking corruption and also committing other sorts of crime.But what is the robots are programmed and employed in most important government organisations such as courts ,secretariat offices and some other places.I think this will reduce the rate of crime.

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    Aug 10 2011: Just a couple of thoughts. I have some awareness of the issues you mention of corruption in your country. I understand the need to address it, but I'm not sure robots are the way to go. For the corruption to be so common and widespread speaks of a need for societal reform. That however is a different topic. When you refer to robots I understand you to mean programmable hardware rather than autonomous machines as in the novels of Isaac Asimov. If I'm correct in this I think I understand part of what you are asking. In the case of something like licenses, in Canada, we have a machine not unlike a bank machine. I can provide it my driver's license, answer some questions on the screen, pay the fee and it renews my license without ever having to deal with any government officials. I agree that such a system would greatly reduce the opportunities for bribery and could no doubt be adapted to many other varied uses. My concern is for the employment issues this could lead to. I understand that people who are corrupt aren't entitled to too much sympathy, but increasing unployment isn't going to help society in the long run. Automation of government services may reduce the opportunities for corrupt officials to prey on citizens, but it won't reduce their corruption. Only people can change a society, not even the cleverest automaton can do that.

    Cheers, Winston
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    Jul 30 2011: Vestageof more taxpayer's money. Do you want these corrupt politicians to have more spare money to indulge in by saving on employe salary?
    • Jul 31 2011: I appreciate your view on implementation of robots.I am saying that if you want to take a certificate for example caste certificate from government office, you could not take it without giving bribe to the respective officials.I think you know the situation about corruption in govt. offices of India.As per your view what i say is if the robots are employed in the govt. offices( that mostly have direct contact with people)then the rate of corruption gets reduced.I don't understand what are talking about the salary of government employees.If the robots are implemented then automatically a supervision team must be placed then the salary will be given to that group of employees.Expecting your doubts and suggestions....
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    Jul 27 2011: Hi Vishnu...

    Firstly, we need to think what is the pro and cons of using robots in government organisations. How do we programme the robot to think rationally of different types of problems. Maybe robots can be used to perform simple tasks like typing and so on but another problem would be it would really reduce the job opportunities of humans. How do we solve the problem that will emerge from the idea. However, that would be a really great idea if it is used appropriately.
    • Jul 27 2011: I want to first convey you that the machines of human structure are not only robots even computer is also a kind of robot.Here, the machines for cleaning our environment, and also some security robots in army fields.
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        Jul 27 2011: Maybe using the computers is just the limit that would still give chances to people to get job opportunities. For example, even the usage of webcam now days has reduce the number of job opportunities for those who are not qualified to get a higher positioned job. So, any usage of robots should have it's limit.
        • Jul 27 2011: Yes.Everything must have limit.But,at present the robots are not used so much in such a way it is existing limit.Hence,the robots must be implemented up to some extent in our daily lives not only in government organisations but also in private organisations.I need your exact suggestion that whether will you support to the implementation of robots or not ???
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        Jul 27 2011: I do agree the implementation of robots as long as it does not limit humans opportunities. I know it is a great idea since it will really ease the burden when doing any chores.
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    Jul 26 2011: soon those will get rusted, incapable junk in terms of work, in bureucracy shiny like stainless steel at least in government office of my country.
    • Jul 27 2011: Mr.Sailm solaiman sir,thanks for your involvement.I think most of the robots now made are of thick plastic such as polyethylene.Anyhow the chips and other circuit elements are made up of silicon and other metallic elements.How ever, the present generation robots are equally good and can withstand from our corrosive environment.I also say that a team must be implemented for the continuous checking and trouble shoot system. I also want to say that these robots must be the type of humanoid robots but also may be some other kind.
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        Jul 27 2011: Dear Vishnu
        'Rust" , "Steel" these are symbolic words only.