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What if robots employed in government organisations ???

At present the modern technologies are getting developed faster and the application of robots had got a great demand.The man has a capability of doing crime such as taking corruption and also committing other sorts of crime.But what is the robots are programmed and employed in most important government organisations such as courts ,secretariat offices and some other places.I think this will reduce the rate of crime.


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    Jul 26 2011: soon those will get rusted, incapable junk in terms of work, in bureucracy shiny like stainless steel at least in government office of my country.
    • Jul 27 2011: Mr.Sailm solaiman sir,thanks for your involvement.I think most of the robots now made are of thick plastic such as polyethylene.Anyhow the chips and other circuit elements are made up of silicon and other metallic elements.How ever, the present generation robots are equally good and can withstand from our corrosive environment.I also say that a team must be implemented for the continuous checking and trouble shoot system. I also want to say that these robots must be the type of humanoid robots but also may be some other kind.
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        Jul 27 2011: Dear Vishnu
        'Rust" , "Steel" these are symbolic words only.

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