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How would Dan's values manifest in the hugely important world of high floor:area energy efficient multi family buildings of big cities?

Some people are debating whether Dan's values are consistent with a view of sustainability in architecture when his main contribution has been single family homes.

Some people say his ideas are "non-scalable" and that he sort of just has a vision of personalized suburbs while others sort of say it's the value and principle that counts and that it can be applied in all sorts of ways.

My queston to all of you is: How would the value of reducing waste and even using waste to build, and the Dionysian perspective manifest in the world of tall multifunctional energy efficient buildings found in cities?
I'm just curious what other people think. Thank you

  • Aug 4 2011: I am not a builder or an architect. I wonder though, if in the multi-function buildings, you can accept uniformity in the outer physical structure and implement his ideas at the level of individual condo's, offices and the like. Additionally in terms of the outer structure, is it possible to utlize more reclaimed steel tha is currently utlizied?
    As far as efficiency, it seem that many of the reused substances, especially glass, porcelin and wood, have fairly decent insolative properties.
    Finally, I would say it is always possible to build smarter; labor hours, energy usage, reject standards etc.