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A self-chosen class system of citizenship to encourage participation

You may cringe at the term "class society", but hear it out. These classes are fairly distributed since they are based on individual's choices and actions.

Many people do not participate in their citizenship. People who choose to participate should be rewarded. People should be encouraged to participate.

1st class: those who participate.
2nd class: those who simply choose to exist (default).
3rd class: those considered (by jury) to be a danger to society.

Being part of 1st class is simple. Do all of these each year:
1) Be 18 or over
2) Vote in any election at least once a year
3) File tax forms for the state and federal governments once a year (even if taxes are zero)
4) Payment of taxes as shown on the tax form
5) Serve on a jury when requested for a set number of days per year.
6) Fill in census information for everyone in their household annually.
7) Check a box saying that you agree to abide by the constitution and laws of the government.
8) Check your opinion of the government - confidence, neutral, no-confidence.

Note that all the items above can be obtained by anyone. Technically, most are required anyway, but many people do not do them.

It would be legal to discriminate based on class. Companies or organizations can offer financial rewards, discounts, benefits, and coupons to first class citizens. Insurance companies can offer lower insurance rates. Welfare and other government benefits are limited to 1st class citizens. These would be incentives to be a first class citizen.

The government would be required to have at least say 30% of the population be 1st class citizens. In addition, over 50% of first class citizens need to vote better than "no-confidence" for a current government to stay in power. This last part is the most non-violent way to overthrow a current government. And, government would need to encourage and support it citizens.

Other requirements for 1st class citizens? Changes? Thoughts?


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  • Feb 20 2011: I personally think this would be a great idea; a way to encourage people to participate in their government, as well as an new check to governmental powers. Though I do not know how well it would go when being proposed, people tend to not like hear what they have to do, even if they do not technically have to do it.

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