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What effective usage of video have you experienced in your workplace? or in other organizations? Tell us the story...

The "crowd-accelarated innovation" concept presented in Chris Anderson's Talks referenced above definitely is a global phenomenon. And not only for Dancers by the way...

Think about the waves of change that have hit the international political scene over the past few years, and the role videos - through social media in particular - have played. Video-enabled handheld devices in the hands of billions completely change the game, even for global media giants. Even THEY can't keep up. How did they react? They offer platforms for "witnesses" around the world to post their videos so they can bring those to your living room...

Think about the potential impact of video for education around the world. Salman Khan is on a fascinating journey, and he is not alone... There are many many examples on the web of major hubs of learning opportunities... iTunesU (Universities) on the iTunes Store is a good example and again far from the only one of its kind.

Think about the changes TED Talks have brought into your personal life...

Video is truly a very powerful technology (nothing new there...). What's new is that the technology required to make and distribute video on a global scale is cheaper than ever!

So the question is...

How does video transform the way we operate at work?

Whether you work for a large multinational corporation, a school, a governmental office, an NGO, we all need to collaborate to be effective... Think about learining, knowledge sharing, team building, innovation, etc.

What effective usage of video have you experienced in your workplace? or in other organizations? Tell us the story...


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    Jul 26 2011: As a French and Spanish teacher, my students LOVE learning via engaging videos which I usually find on YouTube. Their love for fun videos has inspired me to provide means for students to make their own language learning videos. I am just starting this adventure and have also been encouraged by the TED talks which you mentioned above. My hope is to eventually be able to attract global participation and provide a hub for language learning resources on my future website. The language learning possibilities are endless....so many engaging videos to be made...so much fun learning to be had!
    • Jul 26 2011: Audrey, I can't wait to hear more on your project. It relates beautifully to other Educational projects (such as the Khan Academy), and more... I have one such project myself, but that will be the subject of a separate Conversation. Keep it up, keep us posted, share the idea, do launch the website, invite volunteers to join and help you... Thank you for sharing!
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        Jul 27 2011: Oob, Thank you so much for your encouragement! My project is slow in the making, as I'm learning as I go (there's so much I don't know....but thanks to good help and YouTube, learning is readily available! Another benefit to videos...the pros to video are endless!)

        I look very forward to your separate conversation! I hope I don't miss it...I don't always have time for TED, especially during the school year...I'll definitely keep my eye out!
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      Aug 22 2011: This sounds very interesting! Isn't amazing what ideas we can come up with! I am not sure if you will read what I do as an English teacher or even if you have done this as well, but I use a live city webcam when we are discussing the setting of novel or short story, and it really helps them to better understand the city or the country. I think it would be great fun for students of a foreign language to actually see LIVE what that country/cirty looks like as the people go about their daily business. Just an idea I wanted to share.!

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