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Why does it seem that only the highly educated or the filthy rich are interested in socialism when in is a known failure on planet earth

The current residents of Washington DC seem to want to turn us into a socialist nightmare, they want to spread the wealth but do not share their own wealth with the rest of us. It is just take from the middle class and give it to those who do no work or keep it for themselves. Is this the basis of socialism or just Russian Communism with a royalty outlook?


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    Jul 28 2011: There have been examples in some countries where a kind of socialism was working, where most of the people experienced the same quality of life. And then the CIA went in and funded some businesses and encouraged a capitalist system; after which the population was mainly made up of quite wealthy or extremely poor.

    There's no point in revolting against this system when it works in so many ways. But it needs SO MUCH tweaking. Tax the extremely rich harder. Make huge companies make a bigger contribution to their local areas, and tax them harder as well (but obviously not to the extent that they take their business elsewhere..)

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