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A new peace movement, that set in a place where we can decide to be the compassionate humans that we must become to create World Peace.

"Road Peace is a step toward World Peace."
Whether we walk, cycle or drive, we can judge our own behavior and ask, "Am I acting like someone who is at peace with the world?"
We each have the absolute power to change the attitude and behavior of one person, and it is crucial that we each take on the task. World Peace may be far off in the distance, but the journey begins now, with this first step: decide to evolve into the sort of human we must each become - patient, kind, thoughtful, compassionate, caring, forgiving and loving - in order to make peace possible. If we all notice our progress, as motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, "Road Peace" may be the first milestone on the road to World Peace.
As we progress in our development of peaceful habits, on the road, our behaviors are likely to improve in other areas of our lives, as well. When people perceive that our social mores have evolved toward kindness, and away from selfishness, we will have made significant progress.
I am just a free-lance world changer, and have not yet decided to incorporate this project as a nonprofit. The website (gridlocksmith.com) is done by me, not a professional web designer. The items that I have designed were done on out of date software. "Amateur Hour" all around... but... Kon-Tiki was built by amateurs, while Titanic was built by the pros.


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    Jul 30 2011: Earl, from my perspective, this is one area where we can personally contribute for world peace and your passion and leadership in this area can have, indeed, an aggregate impact for world peace.

    Sometimes I like to think with "total solutions" but a simple solution such as what you are engaged is perhaps what we can truly contribute individually and effectively. Count me as one of your supporter!

    Going back to this "total solution" or what I call solution strategies that I see we are all trying to implement, your idea would be part of solution 5 - our personal contribution in transforming our world, just like for instance the campaign for carbon footprint or water footprint. http://bit.ly/SolutionStrategies

    Road peace has many dimensions like road rage, teenage car accidents (no.1 killer for teens), road peace and public transport, carbon footprint and green energy, etc.)

    Way to go Earl!
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      Aug 7 2011: Thanks! I will be checking out your site.
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        Aug 8 2011: Thank you Earl for your encouraging words.

        Road peace indeed is one important way in understanding world peace. We drive on the road with enormous trust that we have for each other. Sure the basic mindset in driving is self-preservation but that's too close to negativity and rage.

        When we drive with the outlook of great care and trust for each other, there would be greater hope in accelerating our transformation and transition efforts to move our world into a more just and sustainable global home.
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          Aug 9 2011: Sympatico, bro! That is the challenge... many who feel powerless in their lives, get a feeling of power behind the wheel, which they feel is usurped by other drivers, who may go faster, or change lanes in front of them, or whatever affront... We need to think of ways to get folks to realize the power of kindness and thoughtfulness.

          One way to present "Road Peace" is as the way to displace road rage.

          I wonder if all the folks partaking in this discussion can bring it to the attention of others. Let's turn on more people to the treasures of TED.

          This will be a tough week, as I am caring for my grand-daughter (12 weeks old)... but I shall return! PS- I deleted this from above, since it did not post as a reply, + moved it here. Am I being totally A. Compulsive?

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