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is it possible the globe, as been mentioned is due to a "big bang", to be in this wonderful organization by coincidence, are there theories?

this, milky way, just this now
it's organized in a wonderful manner
are there theories how it happened?
anyhow, we have to define what an assumption is, then verify how correct this assumption is, I think this is impossible
then....... I don't know, maybe in our way to finding out, we will discover newer issues
simply we could have taken these as facts or givens, and try to maximize the utility

  • Aug 20 2011: Zdenek,

    I agree with you completely.

    Something may be true or it may be false, but unless there is compelling evidence one way or the other we should keep an open mind.

    But I don't mean "keep an open mind" in the same sense that the phrase is used by believers in supernatural phenomena. It seems to me when they use the phrase "keep an open mind" they mean that other people should admit that the believer's beliefs may be true, but they don't mean that the believers themselves should admit that perhaps their beliefs may NOT be true.

    My idea of keeping an open mind is to weigh the probabilities as best you can, act according to the most probable possibility, and be prepared to weight the probabilities again when new evidence emerges. We all do this for some beliefs.

    For instance if a man walks up to me and says "I am a Canadian" then I evaluate the probability that the statement is true. I have met some Canadians, and so I know that they exist, so I give this belief a fairly high probability. But if a man walks up to me and says "I am a Martian", then I would assign a low probability to that belief.

    I've never seen any evidence of ghost, spirits, or psychic powers, so I assess the probability of these beliefs being true as very low, and I act as if they are not true. But if someone were to introduce me to a convincing ghost, I would re-evaluate the probability that ghosts exist. So does anyone have any ghosts that they can introduce me to? If not, then I'll continue to act as if they don't exist.
  • Jul 27 2011: Maybe the universe has cycles like everything in life does,maybe the universe has calasped in on itself before and then re expanded,(just my opinion and like i always say that makes it neither right nor wrong) thank you all for your time and have a great day/night and take care.
  • Jul 26 2011: Hi Mohamed,

    I suggest you watch this speech if you haven't already:

    It has some very interesting insights about the Universe, life and complexity.

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      Jul 26 2011: to tell you the truth
      I am against, no alternatives, and that we have to stick to what we know unless we "prove" otherwise

      where in defining "prove", gets complicated, actually depends on many factors or variables, regarding certain environments and/or mentality
      so in math, I didn't like to stick to one rule, "this what it does"!!
      when I was younger, the so called teachers, used to say, it's a rule (I thought they don't know, so they make easy for them by saying so)
      it is that case now, what we "see" is the prove

      but there are things we can not see, in this case we have to end up with assumptions
      or to believe in things we don't and can't see
      the complicated thing is or more complex than the complexity of the universe
      to prove things we can't see, there are other dimensions of prof, I think

      thanks for you opinion, that was helpful
      • Jul 26 2011: I distinguish between scientifically proven theories (given our best knowledge and abilities at that time), theories that have not yet been proven to the satisfaction of the scientific community and finally various beliefs.

        The speech I referenced has mostly unproven theories about how life and Universe work that eventually lead to proofs. I believe it is very useful to come up with theories and then let scientists work on them to improve them or prove them correct or incorrect. Initial theories helps to reveal new viewpoints and insights on a problem that we can observe but not yet explain?

        I don't believe in something that science cannot "see" or measure/observe except as you noted we need some basic assumptions (like Math axioms that 1 + 1 = 2) =) We cannot observe or measure ghosts, spirits, psychic powers etc. so I don't consider them real or true.