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What is the most incredible sight you've ever seen?

It can be something out of nature. It can be an ordinay scene from your life. It can be from a movie or a documentary. It can be from TED. What is the most incredible sight you've ever seen? How has this affected you and why?

I've traveled and seen many different sights, and often thought to myself, "Wow, this is the most incredible sight I've ever seen."
But if I were to choose ONE, it would be the smile of my grandmother, a photo of which I would always carry around with me. It has been a big source of relief and motivation for me while studying and living alone in a foreign country, and no other sights could beat my grandma's heartfelt smile for me.

I think we often overlook what we see around us, and it's important to take notice, because they're a part of our lives. And I would like to know what kind of things YOU have noticed in your life, and how that has inspired you.

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    Jul 26 2011: A gypsy horse doing airs above the ground. Look on you tube and type in gypsy horses
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      Jul 26 2011: They are gorgeous! Majestic, even. I would really like to see those horses with bare eyes, but I must say, I'm a little afraid of big animals. :-)
  • Jul 26 2011: This is a great topic. I have a similar memorable moment in my life which is every smile of my daughter. They will stay with me for life. I learned from my friend that kids quickly grow up and one has to enjoy the most of the time spent with them while he/she can =)
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      Jul 26 2011: Thank you! I'm fascinated how these small acts like smiling can have such a long-lasting effect on us. I'm thankful for people like you who understand the beauty of these "small" acts that can often be overlooked.
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    Aug 3 2011: My "children" ages 43 & 40. From the time they were born until the present moment, observing them, and interacting together on our life journey has been an incredible gift for me. I've learned so much from them about how to "be" in this world:>)
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    Jul 26 2011: Respect big animals and move slowly and quietly and you will be successful never let them get in your space (one Meter) and you will be fine.
    I have two horses and they know my space zones and we get along fine.
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    Jul 26 2011: A simple gray streed, that I was going along, thinking of nothing special.
    The next thing I remember, is, that I was nearly crying because the streed looked so beautifull.
    When I went there again, I felt rather silly :)
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      Jul 27 2011: I think we sometimes notice the extraordinary elements in the most ordinary things. And that's when I would say, "Wow, that's incredible." Without these moments, the world would be quite boring. :-)
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    Jul 26 2011: Great topic Eun!

    I have been fortunate enough to recognize a few things that I've seen for the amazingness that they embody! Three of the most memorable are:

    1. Looking up at the sky from the complete dark of a Chumash Land Holding ("Reservation"). I could see the arm of the milky way and the sky was LITTERED with stars. I can't think of better littler! Haha. Similarly, I was on an island in Belize where all lights were turned off at 8PM along with the generator. There wasn't a clear inch of space from horizon to horizon! Amazing how many stars there are in this infinite omni-universe and all of them are great big suns in other potential galaxies.

    2. A UFO. I gotta be honest here, it was a legitimate UFO. I know this because I wasn't looking for it when I saw it, it looked nothing like the stereotypical UFO and it flew back and forth horizontally.

    3. Happy children (or people for that matter). There are a good amount, but not so much as I would like to see.
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      Jul 27 2011: Thank you, Sanyu!

      Yes, stars! I've always been fascinated by them. I used to live in a hill station on the lower ranges of the Himalayas, and on clear nights, you could see literally thousands of them pouring on you. Quite a sight. :)
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    Jul 26 2011: The most incredible sight that my eyes have ever seen may have been seared into my brain with hormones but I can even now relive it over 30 years later. The first sight of my first born son and the deep way we peered into each other's eyes, the feeling of falling, falling, falling in love and the feeling of deep protective commitment will never leave me. I lived it with the birth of each of my children. Along with that memory is cemented the love that I felt for their father at that time as well.
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      Jul 26 2011: Debra! Your children are lucky to have you as their mother :) And though I have yet to experience that for myself, I can feel the happy vibe in your comment. Thank you!
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    Jul 26 2011: The most recent one was seeing a club full of people, all of them dancing salsa..
    It was amazing, seeing all these people, dancing these (what seemed to me at least!) incredibly complex moves with complete strangers as if they had been dancing with them for years. I couldn't keep the smile from my face the whole time. It was beautiful, on so many levels!
    I just wish my drink hadn't cost 9 euros.. but that didn't matter too much at the time ;)
    Nice thread, thanks Eun A Jo! We need to remember these things, and think of them once in a while.
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      Jul 26 2011: What a coincidence. I was just talking to a few of my college friends about joining a salsa club this year. :p
      It would be a big challenge though, I'm not the most flexible person :-D