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What are some innovative things I can do with a new apartment?

I just bought an apartment. It's not completely a blank slate, because I have zero budget for renovating and innovating, but I thought there may be a lot of easy innovative thing that one could do to make one's home better or cooler at little to no cost. Often, it is easier to implement innovation if we are starting with something new, because we feel it takes less effort than restructuring our old ways. So, what would you guys suggest I could do to make my apartment a more inspiring place? Something to fuel creativity, or make a daily chore easier? Easily reinvent something about one's new home? Something like putting a whiteboard in the hall, so that you can draw and scribble anything new that comes to mind, catch it in the moment and then preserve it with a digital photograph if necessary. Any cool idea that most people don't often think of but one that is conceivably feasible.

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    Aug 8 2011: I suggest anything that pushes or pulls your conscious experience out of autopilot. Put one chair on the wall, feet to wall, to suggest that gravity is being messed with. Other examples would include:
    -misappropriate something, like using an old toolbox to keep kitchen ware in
    -mount bicycle tires on the side of an old beat-up coffee table, not holding up the table, but creating an effect
    -and of course there's always the strategy of putting a small statue or stuffed animals in a hanging birdcage.

    Not sure if that helps!
  • Jul 26 2011: This is an interesting topic. I don't have any particular idea right now except something more futuristic and probably not cheap. I imagine having an empty apartment with a few concealed projectors showing a virtual furniture that you "bought", friends you can chat with when they are online and nature like a forest or tourist spot you can "visit".

    Add to it a motion detection system and you can draw on your walls, move around your virtual furniture, having virtual library, browse using your wall and even go for jogging on a beach of your choice. Imagination is your limit! =)
  • Jul 26 2011: I don't know, but I just watched this video
    says go to the dump, save some things from a landfill, and personalize to suit your style.