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What makes people so judgmental?

Just wondering why people have to judge things that they don't understand so hard. I feel like you can't ask questions without someone judging you for it.


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    Jul 25 2011: Some people are judgemental in a negative way because they see themselves as superior to those they are judging. in fact, you have to think that you are superior in order to pass judgement.
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      Jul 25 2011: Helen,

      I don't feel that you neccesarily have to feel superior to someone to pass judgment on them. I often judge people as better than me at something therefore creating a useful tool in my life.

      I have however met people who like to judge people and try to see them in a negative light simply to make themselves feel more secure.
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        Jul 26 2011: Alex....Good post that is the other side of the coin. I, too, know people have more talent in some areas than I do, but in essence they are not better than I.
        Since you cannot see motive then judge not. (:>)

        And thank you Sarah for the thumbs up.
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      Jul 26 2011: Hmmm that makes sense. I think it's almost along the same lines as people that make fun of other people because they are insecure. I do my best to never pass judgment on other people though, we are all different and special in our own way. I am just tired of people that can't just be nice.

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