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Can we put an end to world poverty ? What would YOU do? How would YOU do it ? Suggestions, ways, ideas...

We want to mobilize people that have strategics views on this most important matter. The ressources are there, the transportations are obtainable, ways of communications easier and easier....How can we as a social community engage, not just in a discussion, but in action to put an end to world poverty in our lifetime? Time is running out !

What action will you take NOW ?


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  • Aug 16 2011: Worthy all ,
    In all societies and even in nature there will be healthy differences. But in mordern life the differences are to big indeed. I not like to clasiify people into poor or rich , i classify them into "chance poor born" and "chance rich born"
    And one question to you Mireille : aren't average Africans a lot more happy cause they still have a trybal NATURAL life like humens , dogs , dolphins and horses have for miloions of years ??? And arent Americans fat and depressed more unhappy cause they should induvidially be : slim , sexy , smart , strong , enough rich , funny and have hair here and not there ??
    If u want to do something about the deviation of wealth between the chance rich born and the chance poor born in the interest of both i would love that (inspiremyheart@mail.ru , +37529 6699 999)

    When the British nuclear scientist that was repsonsible for Irak investigations committed suicide Blair blamed the BBC , though Blair and Bush made all the money manipulation. Then Blair said dear BBC if u not listen to the one that pays u will fire 5000 people and become an entertainment industry !!!, like all tv in the US. f hug the British objective tradition , basically the last TV station with ETHICS AND RESPECT IN THE WHOLE WORLD ... was raiped in its heart .... Then later smart intervieuwers were replaced by nice looking Indians ladies who brought a lot of watchers .... But their brains were less important the their ass size , cause when a real modern Knight wanted to invest 5 milion if i was right in a compettion for the best African president election and a public TV campaign in the whole of Afrika about the ethics and policies result of all main presidents . E.g some leader talked about aids and condoms 25 years ago and had 7 % aids , though naboruing coubntries had 22 % aids. But the stupid lady in her entertainment industry said why not give the money to poor children ? So help 10.000 children 1 year , or 250.000.000 Africans for 100 year ??????
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      Aug 21 2011: Ouff Andreikp!! Lots of things said, some make sense to me, some don't, but I do respect it, to each their own.

      You are probably right, that these Afrikans people, IF THEY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER, will not even know if they were "chance poor born" and vice versa for the Americans ! On the other hand, I know what poverty is and I know what wealth is.

      If you really care for someone, on my case is, the our social community, our world, I have to do something to help these people, that don't know any better, by showing them, that they can be so much more...because at the end we are all here to change and to learn.

      If you do have 5 million dollars, please do what others failed to do, set up a program, build up a team and to something.

      I like your email address "inspiremyheart...". Listen, do what you can do in you neighbourhood, to help someone change their life Andreikp.


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