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Can we put an end to world poverty ? What would YOU do? How would YOU do it ? Suggestions, ways, ideas...

We want to mobilize people that have strategics views on this most important matter. The ressources are there, the transportations are obtainable, ways of communications easier and easier....How can we as a social community engage, not just in a discussion, but in action to put an end to world poverty in our lifetime? Time is running out !

What action will you take NOW ?


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    Aug 6 2011: Volunteer and work with the community. Corporates should send their staff to the most unfortunate parts of the society to give them hope. In addition they should fund them. I am currently working with Mathare Slum Kids and Youth as a volunteer. I want to set up self-employment opportunities like green houses, fish-ponds, posho-mills, tailoring shops and so on to brighten lives there but I have a big challenge: no funds to do that, no organizations or NGOs are ready to fund me during the 3months I am on the ground. I am stuck. any ideas?
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      Aug 7 2011: I will suggest to go see the most known in green houses, fish-ponds, posho-mills, tailoring industries near by, present them a program, with a small budget, making sure to let them know where their money will be spent, what type of good it will bring and also provide them a certain visibility, something, like to name the tailoring shop in is name etc.

      One thing that I know, even if you are doing charitable works, people want recognizion, you know, "What's in it for me?".

      Set up a small plan with a the Mission of what you want to do, the Objectives, the Concept with goods and the bad, make a budget, give them a certain form of visibility and go knock on doors and ask them to participate.

      Pray God for direction and be honest, loyal and respect yourself at all cost, because these people are giving you their TRUST, don't blow it !!

      You can do all things through Christ !! Have fun doing it too, don't be suprise about challenges, and always acknowledge God while doing it...big or small!!

      Take care !
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        Aug 7 2011: Thanks Mireille. Do you know any NGOs I can partner with to fund some of these projectz.
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          Aug 7 2011: Hi Millicent,

          If you are going to be there for three months, I strongly recommend hooking up with an organization that is already established and helping out as much as you can.

          I went to Kenya to set up educational programs. I thought it would take two years. I was there for seven.
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          Aug 7 2011: @Millicent and Thomas

          I believe that the suggestions of Thomas for you is really worthy, check with the local organization, get some informations from them, support any help that they can offer, the important is to not give up !

          Be blessed in your work !
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      Aug 7 2011: Millicent, Three months is a limited time and you do not mention if you will be able to provide follow-up. I would suggest exploring the community, discovering the resources (especially human) available and bringing a small group of people together to assess needs and explore what can be done more efficiently and effectively with the resources available. Initiate a process of improvement that can grow after you leave. Stimulate the development of a mindset and infrastructure for improvement by starting in small, sustainable ways.

      I found that developing an alternative economy was extremely helpful when I started an empowerment program called the Hard Times Café in the 1990's. Participants earned points for positive work habits and job skills and could exchange these points for items donated to or produced by the community.

      The Hard Times Café grew and developed over nine years before local leaders were able to undermine it. The key was starting with what we had and building from there.
      Information about that program and a training manual are available at http://bobvanoosterhout.com/id3.html
      (I apologize for the formatting - It was written in an early version of Word Perfect and I don’t have the knowledge to put it in an updated format)
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        Aug 8 2011: This is great information Bob ! I really hope that Milicent will use it and put it in good use!



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