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Can we put an end to world poverty ? What would YOU do? How would YOU do it ? Suggestions, ways, ideas...

We want to mobilize people that have strategics views on this most important matter. The ressources are there, the transportations are obtainable, ways of communications easier and easier....How can we as a social community engage, not just in a discussion, but in action to put an end to world poverty in our lifetime? Time is running out !

What action will you take NOW ?

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    Aug 8 2011: People in poverty are a resource to be developed, not a problem to be solved. We will end poverty when we create systems that allow people in poverty to discover and realize their gifts and potential. In the process of doing so, we will discover and learn to develop our true gifts and potential.
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      Aug 8 2011: no, the people in poverty are people. humans, just as you. degrading them into unified categories like "resource to be developed" is not acceptable. those people are quite clear about their own potential, probably more than you are. all they need is capital, stability and peace. so they can actually use their potential as they please.
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        Aug 9 2011: Krisztian, I believe every person has something unique to contribute to and our world would be a much better place if developing each person’s gifts and potential became a priority. I also believe this process would eliminate poverty.

        Please explain how it is degrading to say that each person is a “resource to be developed.” I worked with an empowerment program operated by people in poverty for a number of years and their motto was “Disadvantaged people are a resource to be tapped, not a problem to be solved.” None of them seemed offended by this. On the contrary, they took it to heart and worked together to develop their personal gifts to improve the community as well as their own lives.

        I also disagree that all people need is capital, peace and stability. Many people in poverty live in relative peace and unfortunately, their conditions are quite stable. Owners of capital view people in terms of their potential to produce short-term profit and mostly do not care a whit about their personal gifts or potential. How are millions of people working in repetitive, low-wage industrial jobs that feed the capitalist’s desire for profit developing their gifts and potential?

        I believe there are 2 types of poverty: Poverty of heart and poverty of income. In my experience, they tend to be inversely related. I have seen tremendous heart in a lot of people with low income and, sadly very little heart in many people with higher incomes. People who have closed their hearts seem to be able to open them much more easily when they have less income. If the problem of poverty of heart were solved, there would be no problem with poverty of income.
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          Aug 9 2011: so it was something like this.

          "please let me introduce Mr X, this very kind man from the US, and he brought some money to help us. however, before he gives it to us, he will give you a little speech."

          mr X steps to the microphone

          "hellow all! our vision is that you are not a problem! you are a resource! do you agree with that? i'm very enthusiastic about hearing back from you! cheers!"

          and they took it perfectly! none of them had any objections to that! how wonderful!

          i wish i could be there!
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        Aug 10 2011: When are we going to recognize that it is not the poor that need help?. It is those who live above poverty that the problem lies with them. It is our lifestyle that prevents the poor from not being so. Until we recognize that each and every soul on Earth is entitled to an EQUAL share of Earth's bounty including all that mankind has created from the Earth, whether they earn it or not, we will always be in debt to the poor.

        Charity is only partially returning what already belongs to them. Only when we stop patronizing them and recognize them as equals will we be able to claim our full humanity. As long as we continue competing with each other for gain or profit that we do not really need, innocent people will die of deprivation.
        All it takes to produce and deliver enough of life's essentials to everyone on Earth, is enough human effort. When we can guarantee that every living person on Earth will never be without enough food will we eradicate poverty. Of course, it must be free. With the fundamentals of life secured, we can all become free to be whatever we choose, not what is chosen for us. Who will be willing to give some of their time and energy to achieve this? The fact that you would also receive free food for ever might be sufficient incentive.
        Someone should be able to estimate how many workers it would take and how many hours they need set aside. I suspect it would be less than all those producing food now. it would have to be as efficient an operation as human ingenuity can conceive. VN
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          Aug 11 2011: You are right Vernon, it is to a certain degree about EQUAL share of the wealth, bounty of this world. How to distribute it all equally, so that at least basic needs are provided : Integrity, courage, strenght, food, water, joy, laughter, education...

          I can not understand in my mind, How come another human beeing, can not see that someone else need their help ! People are angry, they have pain in their heart, hatrage, we want to do something, and we don't know how, and all that build up inside and eventually it come out, in what we are seeing this world going through. God I pray for a divine intervention, because obviously, we need help.

          I really hope somehow, we can gather great people, leaders, and professionnal experts in their field, to find a way, a solution, a helping hand, to end poverty and see the human race in a greater light !

          Thank you for your input
      • Aug 10 2011: Dear Pinter, Great Points (the people in poverty are people like us)

        There is no difference between a human in poor community and rich, it is the matter of what opportunity is availed to learn and grow.

        So they need to be empowered for sustainable means.
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          Aug 13 2011: Cheers Shokrullah ! People are people, if they are in need, we have to find a way to help them, simple as that !
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        Aug 10 2011: Krisztian wrote “so it was something like this”
        Let me describe precisely what it was like when I did it in 1991-99. We had enough money for a meal and some music. Volunteer greeters where told to greet everyone as “the most important person in the best restaurant in town.” We seated and served people (no standing in line). I talked with each person who came individually and explored their interests and gifts.

        At the meeting, I suggested we work together to improve their lives by building on their gifts and potential. Four basic values would guide us (the dignity of each person, focus on potential rather than deficits, the power of community, and that each person was responsible for the success of the entire effort). I offered to advise, consult and counsel but would make no decisions. All decisions would be made by consensus of those involved.

        There was no money or microphone but we did started every meeting with a standing ovation in recognition and appreciation of their potential and resources. The Hard Times Cafe served over 1200 people over eight years, hundreds reported finding jobs and still more described how they found meaning and purpose in their lives. Patrons put in over 200,000 hours improving the community, started businesses and developed an alternative economy where they earned points based on job skills and work habits. Every aspect of the program was operated by patrons. Every decision was made by consensus, even at meetings with as many 120 people.

        There was no grand plan, no funding, little community support and a quite a bit of resistance from community leaders. It was done with heart, one step at a time. I believe that is what it takes to end poverty.

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          Aug 10 2011: aha, so you are actually not talking about poor people, but some unemployed americans who were desperate and losing hope.

          this topic is about poor people. poor is someone who earns 1, 3 or 5 dollars a day, needs to pay for medication if their children gets sick, has difficulty getting enough food, suffers bad harvests, and such things. that is poverty. not some hamburger eating americans in nike shoes who happened to lose hope.
  • Aug 16 2011: Worthy all ,
    In all societies and even in nature there will be healthy differences. But in mordern life the differences are to big indeed. I not like to clasiify people into poor or rich , i classify them into "chance poor born" and "chance rich born"
    And one question to you Mireille : aren't average Africans a lot more happy cause they still have a trybal NATURAL life like humens , dogs , dolphins and horses have for miloions of years ??? And arent Americans fat and depressed more unhappy cause they should induvidially be : slim , sexy , smart , strong , enough rich , funny and have hair here and not there ??
    If u want to do something about the deviation of wealth between the chance rich born and the chance poor born in the interest of both i would love that (inspiremyheart@mail.ru , +37529 6699 999)

    When the British nuclear scientist that was repsonsible for Irak investigations committed suicide Blair blamed the BBC , though Blair and Bush made all the money manipulation. Then Blair said dear BBC if u not listen to the one that pays u will fire 5000 people and become an entertainment industry !!!, like all tv in the US. f hug the British objective tradition , basically the last TV station with ETHICS AND RESPECT IN THE WHOLE WORLD ... was raiped in its heart .... Then later smart intervieuwers were replaced by nice looking Indians ladies who brought a lot of watchers .... But their brains were less important the their ass size , cause when a real modern Knight wanted to invest 5 milion if i was right in a compettion for the best African president election and a public TV campaign in the whole of Afrika about the ethics and policies result of all main presidents . E.g some leader talked about aids and condoms 25 years ago and had 7 % aids , though naboruing coubntries had 22 % aids. But the stupid lady in her entertainment industry said why not give the money to poor children ? So help 10.000 children 1 year , or 250.000.000 Africans for 100 year ??????
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      Aug 21 2011: Ouff Andreikp!! Lots of things said, some make sense to me, some don't, but I do respect it, to each their own.

      You are probably right, that these Afrikans people, IF THEY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER, will not even know if they were "chance poor born" and vice versa for the Americans ! On the other hand, I know what poverty is and I know what wealth is.

      If you really care for someone, on my case is, the our social community, our world, I have to do something to help these people, that don't know any better, by showing them, that they can be so much more...because at the end we are all here to change and to learn.

      If you do have 5 million dollars, please do what others failed to do, set up a program, build up a team and to something.

      I like your email address "inspiremyheart...". Listen, do what you can do in you neighbourhood, to help someone change their life Andreikp.

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    Aug 15 2011: Reading these and other comments confirms my belief that the whole population of earth is rapidly growing softer and kinder every day. Why is it so hard to believe that many more people are just as concerned about the poor and the climate as we are. All the uprisings going on around the World demonstrate clearly that they all want to be free. Free of hunger, pain, discomfort, and love. By poor we mean, everyone who has less than total freedom. Free people are a much better resource than those crippled by poverty. i am heartened by the prospect of a World of gentle people and I dare to predict a World System built on mutual co-operation and trust.

    Do not regard those living in abject poverty now, as victims who need us to succor them. They need to learn that they can do everything that is done everywhere. The real resources they require are all around them. Now, with the internet, they can learn everything there is. Their intellectual capacity is not inferior, and they are not particularly averse to hard work. The only remaining obstacle,seemingly, is money. Why should the lack of money stop them? It is not an essential ingredient of anything, with trust and goodwill, they can organize themselves without it. it adds a huge burden on everyone and saps energies which could be used to better effect.

    Right now, i am doing the best I can to boost the morale of all those who can picture a better life for all. Rather than immersing oneself in the misery of the poor, which can only steel your heart against the misery seen. Better to use one's compassion on those who can influence the course of human society. Turn their insatiable drive for ever increasing profits, into a thirst for leveling the playing field for all people.
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      Aug 21 2011: Hello Vernon,
      There is a social turn around in human kind : compassion, helping each other, more sensible, looking up for someone else, are up an rising in more people hearts, and this is a good thing.

      I respect the way you decide to contribute to this "poor and economic" situation, by boosting the morale of all those who can picture a better life for all....and please continue ! Because, I know that I need all the support that I can get, to go through this endeavour.

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        Aug 21 2011: In the next day or so I shall be posting an idea I have thinking about for a while. It will be related to surviving the recession and saving mankind for eternity.
        Have a real day,
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          Aug 25 2011: To bad you did not have the time to present or suggest any ideas Vernon, because this is what I'm looking for....next time I hope ! You might have the ultimate solution.

          It's all good !!
  • Aug 10 2011: Design programs to support:

    Community-Led Micro Enterprises which has forward and backward linkages with poor community and increases livelihood for poor.

    Support investment and SMEs which are technically feasible and economically viable (direct and indirect employment, rural purchases) in poverty zone.
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      Aug 10 2011: Thank you for you input Shokrullah, I will keep that in mind for sure and discuss it with our board, to set-up the proper approach.
      • Aug 10 2011: Dear Chery,

        In addition, some people stay sometime inside the poor community to clearly understand and observe the poverty then I am sure you will come up with some ideas.

        Ideas are not in headquarters or behind the desks, good ideas could be found while are inside and observing the problem too.
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          Aug 10 2011: yes, for sure, it is part of our plan, to go see on the "turf" and asset the "solution" for better help this people.

          warm regards,
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    Aug 6 2011: Volunteer and work with the community. Corporates should send their staff to the most unfortunate parts of the society to give them hope. In addition they should fund them. I am currently working with Mathare Slum Kids and Youth as a volunteer. I want to set up self-employment opportunities like green houses, fish-ponds, posho-mills, tailoring shops and so on to brighten lives there but I have a big challenge: no funds to do that, no organizations or NGOs are ready to fund me during the 3months I am on the ground. I am stuck. any ideas?
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      Aug 7 2011: I will suggest to go see the most known in green houses, fish-ponds, posho-mills, tailoring industries near by, present them a program, with a small budget, making sure to let them know where their money will be spent, what type of good it will bring and also provide them a certain visibility, something, like to name the tailoring shop in is name etc.

      One thing that I know, even if you are doing charitable works, people want recognizion, you know, "What's in it for me?".

      Set up a small plan with a the Mission of what you want to do, the Objectives, the Concept with goods and the bad, make a budget, give them a certain form of visibility and go knock on doors and ask them to participate.

      Pray God for direction and be honest, loyal and respect yourself at all cost, because these people are giving you their TRUST, don't blow it !!

      You can do all things through Christ !! Have fun doing it too, don't be suprise about challenges, and always acknowledge God while doing it...big or small!!

      Take care !
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        Aug 7 2011: Thanks Mireille. Do you know any NGOs I can partner with to fund some of these projectz.
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          Aug 7 2011: Hi Millicent,

          If you are going to be there for three months, I strongly recommend hooking up with an organization that is already established and helping out as much as you can.

          I went to Kenya to set up educational programs. I thought it would take two years. I was there for seven.
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          Aug 7 2011: @Millicent and Thomas

          I believe that the suggestions of Thomas for you is really worthy, check with the local organization, get some informations from them, support any help that they can offer, the important is to not give up !

          Be blessed in your work !
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      Aug 7 2011: Millicent, Three months is a limited time and you do not mention if you will be able to provide follow-up. I would suggest exploring the community, discovering the resources (especially human) available and bringing a small group of people together to assess needs and explore what can be done more efficiently and effectively with the resources available. Initiate a process of improvement that can grow after you leave. Stimulate the development of a mindset and infrastructure for improvement by starting in small, sustainable ways.

      I found that developing an alternative economy was extremely helpful when I started an empowerment program called the Hard Times Café in the 1990's. Participants earned points for positive work habits and job skills and could exchange these points for items donated to or produced by the community.

      The Hard Times Café grew and developed over nine years before local leaders were able to undermine it. The key was starting with what we had and building from there.
      Information about that program and a training manual are available at http://bobvanoosterhout.com/id3.html
      (I apologize for the formatting - It was written in an early version of Word Perfect and I don’t have the knowledge to put it in an updated format)
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        Aug 8 2011: This is great information Bob ! I really hope that Milicent will use it and put it in good use!


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    Aug 25 2011: Thanks to all that expresses somewhat their belief for a better world for others....because at the end, call me whatever you want, it does not matter, I know whom I am ! But at the end....it is about helping someone else become their best....past it forward WORLDWIDE !!

    Get into the action people....time is flying, go after your goals, ideas, no matter what people say or thinks....JUST DO IT !

    I would summit a program eventually, to show you, WHAT I AM DOING TO HELP OTHERS and by doing so, HELPING MYSELF!!

    Be blessed at all time !! Peace !

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    Jul 27 2011: Hi Mireille...

    Thank you for a great topic. In my opinion, if we could get everyone or every country to work together as one big team, nothing is impossible. Maybe it could not be done now but the key to making an end to world poverty is by giving great education and high self conciousness to everyone about this problem.

    In my thoughts, the citizens of the world still not get enough exposure of how bad this problem are. So, government of the world should take action in order to really wake up everyone and tell how critical the problem has become to make sure everyone should take action.
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      Jul 27 2011: Yes, this is it Muhammad, now, we are going on the same direction !! The table of experts-consultants that we are building right now, is to approach our government (Canada) with a definite ACTION PLAN, and asking them to become the catalyst, the instigators as a COUNTRY to stop, bring, help, provide a way to different counties, according to their needs, a solution to put an end to this massive epidemy.

      Furthermore, it is a SOCIAL problem, so yes, human being have to rise up in their level of conciousness and do what they have to do to make this change occured...a small group can make a difference, but a COUNTRY (government and is people) can SOLVE it. It is about collectiveness and always as been. Together we are stronger...small example, look at the Jewish community : they stick together and this is why they have so much power...and I embrace that.

      I firmly believe a drastic change will occured in OUR lifetime...and will be part of it !!

      Peace !
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        Jul 27 2011: Lets hope and if could lets help the world in facing the problem.

        OUR WORLD, OUR WAY... :)
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    Jul 25 2011: Mireille, before being able to answer your question, we have to understand the root causes for poverty and then we have to tackle those. Ending poverty should not be the goal, but the consequence of our actions.
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      Jul 26 2011: Thank you Harald for you comment ! As an Haitian woman, and born in a 3rd world country, I know that bad governance, lack of education will certainly cause poverty for a nation, sometimes through generation, and for most of these countries, we have these answers already, and they are being tackle already...this is my believe and experience...

      So then, what is the root causes for poverty for YOU Harald?

      PS: Please accept my apology for my English, I'm totally French...writting all in Englis is a great challenge that I embrace. Peaca !
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        Jul 26 2011: Hi Mireille, don't worry about your English. It's not my native language either and beside, I understand you perfectly.
        Exactly, lack of education and poor governance (e.g. corruption) are probably the most important causes. What I do not agree with however, is that these causes are tackled in any efficient manner.
        You are from Haiti. Do you think that the issue of education is dealt with properly in your country ?
        I'm living in Mexico and we have the same problem with education, let alone wide spread corruption on all levels of society.
        So for me the question is what can be done to improve education, which is the pillar for a functioning democracy ? Educated people are also more likely to elect competent (no 100 % guarantee, I know !) representatives which in turn leads to better governance.
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          Jul 26 2011: Hello Harald,

          Greatly appreciatie your understanding about my English.

          I could say that the level of education in Haïti is not as powerful, then let say the US, Canada etc., but it's there. In the sametime, when you are striving to survive on a day to day basis, its hard to go to school on an empty stomach ! Look at Cuba, they have the most educated people : doctors, nurses, architects etc., all excellent professionals, but look at Cuba, look at the country...poor, corrupted ! On the other hand, I agree that education is capital and vital for any society...like we said "Knowledge is power".

          I'm thinking more towards: integrity, self respect, great values, compassion, wisdom etc., lots of great leaders did not have a great education (phd, masters, mba), but they had love, peace, a vision...for a better world, and they did it, they establish a change for a better generation and the next to come etc.

          I think the consequence of our actions should lead towards a goal, whatever it may be in any giving situation.

          Thanks for connecting and have a great day !
          PS: Where are you from originally ?
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        Jul 26 2011: Bonjour Mireille !
        Education is key to make a democracy work. If people don' understand or are not interested in what's going on around them, how can they make educated decisions when it comes to elections ?
        That's why people in countries with poor education are so easily manipulated;
        Cuba isn't a good example I think, because they are not even a democracy and yes, they are good in some fields and have highly qualified experts there, but they are still the minority. But then, a government like Cuba doesn't real have much interest in educating it's people. More educated people are also more critical. So this quickly becomes a vicious circle of which it is difficult to escape from.
        But let me ask you another question:
        you want to fight poverty, so what do you propose to do to fight it ?

        Btw, I'm originally from Vienna, Austria, but already living half my life abroad.
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          Jul 26 2011: Hola Harald !

          So this is probably why, they government do not want their people to have an education, keep the country poor (except them) and the people do not know how to get out of it..because of lack of education...the syndrom of the "dog running after is tail".

          On the other hand, how about having a team, a comity of experts consultants in their fields : ingeneers, architects, doctors, psychologist, nurses, constructions workers, realtor, financial experts, fiscality accountant and lawyer...all at the same table, working in concordance with governement help (more to open doors and establish a faster stream for the communications), all of these people gathered at the same table, to plan a program to END world poverty.

          Of course, seeing the need of each country, because we can not build highrise building in Africa and so on, but putting in place a program fit for each places. Furthermore, working on the foundation of : selfestime, hope, integrity, courage, rebuilding the spirit of a human being, their soul, so that they can see their value, their self worth and becoming in return great citizen that will change their surrounding for them and for future generation.

          Education, great governance and all that have great importance, because the team of experts-consultants is a great example of well educated people doing the right thing. I believe though, that a human being selfworth, respect of him or herself, building up their self confidence and trust that they can do all things, no matter what the situation is "poverty", will automatically change for the better, and because of the acknowledgment of this human value of themselves, they can change the world around them, break poverty and arise to a level, that is unlimited.

          This is what I'm working on Harald !

          Vienna, Austria ; land of kings and queens...lucky...I'm sure is beautiful !
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        Jul 27 2011: Hi Mireille.....yes, it's a bit like the dog trying to catch its tail.

        Something that I think is important too, is to define poverty. Not everything that looks like poverty actually is.
        Example: I live in the heartland of the Mayan culture. If you go to the villages, many people still live as they did 500 years ago. At first glance we would call them poor. However, if you drill deeper, you'll find, that most of them live that way, because it's what they want and not because they have to.

        Now about the panel of consultants and experts: yes, in theory that's a good idea, but it only works if everybody has only the best interests. Something that in practice will be hard to find. Here another example from where I live.
        Our city government decided to spend about 8 million USD on a tunnel that is supposed to improve traffic in a particular part of the city. Experts and the public strongly disagree with the need of the tunnel and also criticize the negative impact on local businesses around that area. Nevertheless, officials don't listen and just go ahead spending money for a pointless project, that probably has the main goal of enriching some people instead of investing it in projects that actually result in long term benefits for the people here.
        Or yet another example: again, the city government brought in Shakira for a "free of charge" concert. Cost 2 Million USD. Again, there was a public outcry about the waste of money (let alone that organizing concerts shouldn't be the job of any government but a private initiative), but once again, officials just ignored the public voice.
        The problem is, the only ones who actually care about those things are people with a certain minimum of education. The majority of people living in rural areas are either not aware of what's going on or don't care, because they don't understand the implications of such acts.
        It's complicated and at times it looks like Don Quixote fighting windmills.
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          Jul 27 2011: Yes for sure Harald, the best interest of all and the same goal, it is capital for anything to work, a common goal, with no power, attachment, simply working with the best people that know whom they are and want to help others in need, simple as that ! We have a great table getting set-up already Harald, is not that hard actually, is to have the proper approach. People wants to help and save this planet from ourselves, we are not doing a geat job, it as to change, or all this will blow eventually !! Hence ther urgency to act and have the proper people on board for the right reason !

          I really believe that all is possible ! Like all the great inventors, creators...they did it, because they believe they could and they did. I will never accept that there is not a way to change, help, contribute to a better society or anything else !

          You will always have these bad decisions: Shakira (though I really love), Tunnel etc., everything is on the eye of the beholder, if this is what you see : complication, fighting windwills etc....this is what YOU see !

          I, on the other end see; possibilities, actions, gathering great people, inspiration, courage, legacy, respect, integrity, changes, hope, love, joy, helping...and with people with great ambition to cares for another human being....this is wha'ts important, therefore, actions have to be made, and this is what we are working on...and you'll be suprises to see the enthousiasm of the people around this massive collaboration for a collective desire of doing and helping someone else : SEE THEIR SELFWORTH, great reward....actually you know what, is really simple to do, if you keep everything simple Harald !

          Peace !
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        Jul 27 2011: Mireille, I disagree on that. Things like corruption are far from being simple issues to tackle. If they were, we would have already solved a lot of society's problems.
        But I think I still don't have a good idea what exactly you are planning to do.
        Do you have any real life example of a project and how you are handling it ?
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          Jul 28 2011: Hello Harald !

          I'm not saying this or that is not hard, it is ! In the sametime, it is possible to overcome it, because I believe that all is possible, this is whom I am !

          We are implementing a new approach to do this massive change, with a collectiveness collaboration with great minds and experts. Yes I do, but I'll keep you posted in proper time! But please, if you have solution to counter off : corruption etc...please do not hesitate to let me know, I'll bring it on our table of discussion-action.

          Have a great one !
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        Jul 28 2011: Hi Mireille, want to play a role game ? You would be yourself and I'm a possible sponsor to your project and need further information and clarification on what your organization is all about after your site didn't provide all the answers I was looking for,
        We can start based on a few assumptions.
        1) we agree that poverty is a real problem being worth to be tackled
        2) we also agree that poverty doesn't come out of nowhere, but has root causes such as lack of education, corruption and/or poor public governance.

        We can do that here or via email/MSN if you prefer.
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          Jul 28 2011: Hi Harald,

          Yes, and we can keep it here, just to give the opportunity to answer and put a opinion, even a solution to a suggestion.

          I'm working to have players for the Vintage style golf tournament, August 22nd, so that we can purchase our first building, to start providing a roof and a bed for all people in need. This is taking all of my time for now...after the event, a well need it break and back in September refresh and ready to go !!

          Peace !
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      Jul 26 2011: I totally agree with Harald here.If we know exactly the cause of poverty, then can we tackle the problem better.
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        Jul 26 2011: Thanks for your comments Muhammad ! As Harald and I agreed on that matter, my question to you is : What would YOU do to tackle down, what's bring poverty ?

        I'm looking for answers, ways, suggestions, not just I agree with this or with that....need more substance, please !
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          Jul 27 2011: Mireille, I'm not sure of the cause of poverty in other parts of the world.But in Malaysia, the lack of job opportunities here seems to be the main factor that causes poverty in the country.The education,we have ( it's free after all and our education system is one of the best in Asia).We keep making graduates but with no jobs.Thus, the percentage of poverty rises in our country.

          So, my suggestion to tackle this problem is to encourage those graduates to start their own business as a way to earn money.If you can't find a job, you make one.And from there, what they'll need is just pure hard work.
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        Jul 27 2011: Hi Muhammed, I'm not familiar with the level of education in Malaysia, but apparently, from what you tell us it is good.
        So the question for me is, if there are so many smart people around, why aren't there any jobs ? Is it a lack of state incentives for entrepreneurs ? Is it a safety issue ? (perhaps multinational companies are afraid to invest in Malaysia because of political or economical concerns).

        Another thing I'm seeing in many parts of the world is that getting a university degree becomes increasingly easy. In the past it was much tougher. Maybe we should be more selective in admitting people to universities. No society can prosper only with academics.
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          Jul 27 2011: perhaps multinational companies are afraid to invest in Malaysia because of political or economical concerns.

          Yes,I would call this true.Most international companies would prefer Singapore instead of Malaysia.Probably because the situation in Singapore is more stable than in Malaysia.But, it is undeniable that these companies fail to see the potential in our country.Plus, some people(some graduates) are just too lazy to get up and go run their lives!

          The question is now : How do we make it possible for those international companies to invest here in Malaysia?
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        Jul 27 2011: This is it Muhammad, is finding WHAT, so that we can ACT ! Thanks a lot, this is something that I will bring on the table with the experts-consultants that we are putting together !

        I do know there is small loans program in some countries that help young entreprenors or others, to start a business to help them and their community.

        It is so true, if you can find a job, you create one, well said! I appreciate this input, I will use with and certainly see what we can do as a permanent solution for the people of Malaysia.

        Peace !
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          Jul 27 2011: Mireille, the graduates here are growing in numbers and we can't find a good solution to this problem yet.I do hope my suggestion would be of good use to those people.Peace as well!