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Analogous to mid-wifery, housewifery is a coinage which is aimed at giving the role of home-makers or housewives an academic and a professional touch. Housewifery is a term which agrees that the home (a place where family's recognition is resident) is essential for the continued peace and security of a nation. It is an interest that sees the home as the smallest unit or foundational block of nation building and pictures the woman as the home's 'nucleus'. Hence, professionalizing and making academic housewifery is worth considering. Academic housewifery is a curriculum-based recognition which has three major considerations: physical (economic, sexual) empowerment, mental empowerment and spiritual empowerment. Concerned experts, lecturers, academicians or practioners will employ their wealth of experience on these forms of empowerment.

On the other hand, professional housewifery is a recognition and appreciation of a nation's government incorporating it as one of the ministry of women affairs interest and portraying itself via awarding the most outstanding housewives. The awards given are a time-taken technical exercise devised by experts to evaluate the performances of housewives in various states, communities or localities.

Ponder on these; a true wife is a well-nurtured female or virtuous woman who has painstakingly taken her time to properly nurture herself to embrace patience instead of haste, humility instead of pride, kindness instead of hostility, sincerity instead of falsehood, transparency instead of hypocrisy, education instead of ignorance, spirituality instead of carnality, love instead of hate and fidelity instead of infidelity and like a magnet, exerts these qualities on her spouse,making him become an active one.

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    Jul 29 2011: Chimezie, I personally believe that "housewifery" is one of the most important, if not the most crucial "profession" in the world.

    Raising and recognizing this status is a great idea. Maybe a project can be done about it or perhaps someone is already doing it.

    "Housewifery" or motherhood along with teachers, mentors and professors should be elevated. In my conversations with teachers and specially mothers, they seem to be expressing the feeling that they are under appreciated. Yet mothers and teachers are the foundational "professions" that ultimately reflects in our world today as it is.

    But we do have the power to transform our world as you are trying to expound in this very important aspect. http://Bit.Ly/ThePowerInfo
    • Jul 29 2011: i have a manuscript on this issue. Only if you could link me up with a publisher
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        Jul 29 2011: Chimezie, literary agents are everywhere, just keep looking. It's not my field so I don't have specific link or connection but as I said, the internet can be the gateway to your book.

        Understand also that many of the "successful" books were rejected numerous times before they made a breaktrough. It can take many "no"s but all you need is one "yes". The Harry Potter novels were rejected numerous times before an 8-year old girl said it was good and her father (the publisher) made it into a billion dollar enterprise.

        If you allow me, my general suggestion for your book is to make it connect with the great desire in all of us to see and work for a just and happy global home.

        With the great books or movies that I have read, seen or known so far, they all express our universal power to care, hope and trust. Also the need of our government-business-institutions systems (economy) to be strengthened with the principles of freedom, justice and truth.