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Postulation of the sex arithmetic and the way forward

First and foremost, we consider the phrase 'postulation of the sex arithmetic'. This is a postulation which is intended to be a theory. Basically, it is a 'computable' equation which explains or depicts s generally the number of times individuals, irrespective of gender have engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage. Precisely, the 'computable' equation has 13 interpretations which represent the sex lives of different individuals.

At this juncture, the proof authenticating the potency of the intended theory will have to be shown. In this case, we take as case study Individual A. The validity of this equation is dependent on the following statements.

1) It can be numerically determined if individual A can keep a sincere up-to-date record of his or her sexual activities.
2) It is dependent on sex-influenced relationships engaged.
3) The first-time sex experience is constant, that is, it has a constant value of 1. Note: 'sex' refers to the direct physical relation between a man and woman

The 'computable' equation which is a representation of the total number of times individual A(N) had engaged is:,

N=No±N1±N2±N3±N4, where No represents the first_time sex experience had (with partner a, say), N1 represents the sex relations individual A had engaged in his or her subsequent relationships (with partners b, c,d, e, f... ), N3 represents the possible one-night stand/for-the-moment sex situations (with partners m, n, o, p...) and N4 represents the number of times individual A had engaged in sex with his or her would-be marital partner before marriage.

The interpretations are given as the following:

1) N=No+N1+N2+N3+N4
2) N=No+N1+N2+N3
3) N=No+N1+N2
4) N=No+N1+N4
5) N=No+N2+N4
6) N=No+N3+N4
7) N=No+N1+N3
8) N=No+N2+N3
9) N=No+N1
10) N=No+N2
11) N=No+N3
12) N=No+N4
13) N=No

Secondly, 'the way forward' refers to the consequences_ the varying degree of insecurity and doubt as unveiled by infidelity and an unstable marital stance

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    Aug 5 2011: Chimezie, how would you relate it to the fact that we have 40 million abortions every year and another 30 million "unwanted" pregnancies every year?
    • Aug 6 2011: This is strictly a scientific assertion of the number of times individuals had engaged in sex before marriage.

      As regards your questions, due to their ignorance of keeping records of their sex activities, they are not only naive to seeing the dangers ahead but vulnerable to these odds.

      At least, by keeping records of one's sex activity, the issue of sexual freedom will be check-mated and unwanted pregnancies and abortions every year will greatly be reduced.