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An Overview Of Engi(o)sophy... a phase of true modernization

Humanity's mandate by God; the emblem of all viable works of nature is to exert its all-encompassing nature by unraveling the mysteries of the dynamics of all entities and their efficacies. In other words, the basis of existence of humanity is explained by its calling; applying the god character to use: inter-relating the dynamics of all works of nature to commensurate its existence.

In response to the asserted mandate, humanity, over the years, has devised time-influenced standards and methods to continually leave up to anticipation. As a matter of fact, humanity to a large extent, believes that it has exerted the "god of the universe" quality to recognize and act on the unveiled mysteries of nature. The various norms, values (ethics), endeavours, patterns, and skills are the methods and standards employed by humanity in response to its mandate.

However, humanity had over time depicted a discrepancy in its calling. Undoubtedly, it has prioritized certain efficacious entities discovered and acted on over others thereby making them seemingly less important. Certainly, the consequences are well spelled out. How?

Consider a farmland where there are different crops to be cultivated. The laissez-a-faire attitude of the farmer in systematically arranging (by spacing) his crops will create an unhealthy harvest as an unfavourable "survival of the fittest" competition arises amongst the cultivated crops thereby denying the relatively weak crops the necessary factors of growth. Consequently, some die while the living but denied ones suffer from different forms of abnormal physiological or morphological diseases. Whereas, care exercised by the farmer should have prevented the chance of "this harsh" competition from occurring.

Similarly, the standards, ethics, and other recognized methodologies developed by humanity to actualize its calling have unequivocally faced not-good challenges. These interests have prioritized the efficacies of certain human-developed discoveries

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    Jul 25 2011: I think if you corrected all the mistakes in the English, it still wouldn't mean anything.