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How can we live better?

Many "wars" could be avoided if people could only respect the diversity of thoughts. If people talked more, solving problems would be much easier. Why are we always up to fight and argue instead of listening? Obviously we must be prepared to act if needed, but listening, can sometimes be more powerful than acting or speaking. Let's re-learn this magic living-style that can spare such a big waste of time and strenghth.

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    Jul 25 2011: I love your idea.A mature discussion should always be the main solution to every dispute and arguments.
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      Jul 25 2011: Do you still feel the same when people's lives are in danger?
      I will use the Arab spring as an example, were the UN wrong to sanction miltary intervention opposed to 'sitting at the table' and talking?
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        Jul 26 2011: I'd still feel the same if people's lives are in danger.A good and mature discussion could easily save tons of lives.
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          Jul 26 2011: Can you guarantee however that they would have the required effect in good time? Being talked to is not the greatest deterrent in the world!
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        Jul 26 2011: No, I can't guarantee you the results.But, I can't simply find any other solutions to 'wars' and 'arguments' which doesn't involve violence.Do you have any suggestions in mind?
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          Jul 26 2011: I'm afraid I don't. I think that there needs to be a balance between negotiation and military action. Unfortunately I can't see the day when armed forces are not required!
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        Jul 26 2011: What you say is true,friend.But I still do hope and pray for the day where we no longer need military action in any circumstances.
    • Jul 26 2011: Certainly, if people lives are in danger, talking would be even more necessary, but as I also said on the first comment, acting is something we must always be ready for. I love talking and talking matches with listening. If people are able to listen then they have the power to win battles. Let's talk and listen to the world.
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    Jul 28 2011: It's all start by US, we have to do the work on ourself first...sound cliché, but still the truth ! People need to know themselves, have a cerain education, a great common sense...and I believe this world will be already a better place.

    Because striving for power, money and all this bull, not saying it's not important, but becoming slave to it....

    YES, the answer is within and will always be !!
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    • Jul 27 2011: Hey Kate, actually that's where my point starts. If we pay more attention and put ourselves into the listening position we can make the difference and open us a huge door to receive it all back from those who we've heard. I get amazed to think that we can do so much only by acting differently every day. Things won't always change immediatelly, but they'll always change somehow. Some may say it's easier said than done, and in fact it is, but if we don't do anything about it, it won't ever change by itself, at least not in a good way.
  • Jul 26 2011: Ww1/ww2/Vietnam//gulf war,etc... Talking/listening is a Farce in a lot of.........?
    • Jul 26 2011: People in the past didn't have the same instruction and knowledge we have nowadays. They were thought and trained to hide their opinion and ideas, because showing their feelings was something despicable and it used to represent weekness. People from the past were thought to be strong by having a rude attitude. We can't change whatever happened, that's why I believe we can't compare ourselves to them. We are the present and future makers, so let's make it different.
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    Jul 25 2011: Hi Gabriel
    I was reading a short story that it said ,,maybe the reason of we have one mouth and two ears is using each of them scaledown .
    • Jul 26 2011: Hello Mojtaba, I have already heard this story and I must admit that it's THE one thing we all forget to do. Sometimes we get so lost and distracted by the things we go through in life, that we shut people up, specially when they want to transmit us important messages and lessons.