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How can we live better?

Many "wars" could be avoided if people could only respect the diversity of thoughts. If people talked more, solving problems would be much easier. Why are we always up to fight and argue instead of listening? Obviously we must be prepared to act if needed, but listening, can sometimes be more powerful than acting or speaking. Let's re-learn this magic living-style that can spare such a big waste of time and strenghth.

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  • Jul 26 2011: Ww1/ww2/Vietnam//gulf war,etc... Talking/listening is a Farce in a lot of.........?
    • Jul 26 2011: People in the past didn't have the same instruction and knowledge we have nowadays. They were thought and trained to hide their opinion and ideas, because showing their feelings was something despicable and it used to represent weekness. People from the past were thought to be strong by having a rude attitude. We can't change whatever happened, that's why I believe we can't compare ourselves to them. We are the present and future makers, so let's make it different.

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