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How can we live better?

Many "wars" could be avoided if people could only respect the diversity of thoughts. If people talked more, solving problems would be much easier. Why are we always up to fight and argue instead of listening? Obviously we must be prepared to act if needed, but listening, can sometimes be more powerful than acting or speaking. Let's re-learn this magic living-style that can spare such a big waste of time and strenghth.

Topics: co-development

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    Jul 25 2011: Hi Gabriel
    I was reading a short story that it said ,,maybe the reason of we have one mouth and two ears is using each of them scaledown .
    • Jul 26 2011: Hello Mojtaba, I have already heard this story and I must admit that it's THE one thing we all forget to do. Sometimes we get so lost and distracted by the things we go through in life, that we shut people up, specially when they want to transmit us important messages and lessons.

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