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What would happen if everybody in the world became vegetarian? Would it be more "eco"? Benefits or not?

To live a life as vegetarian is becoming a fashioned style. Some relate it with religion, others with fight against nature destroyers and some simply doesn't care about it. However, imagine everybody in the world be vegetarian, I'm not saying that tomorrow nobody will eat meat, but that nobody ever eat meat. How could the world be?

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    Jul 29 2011: I would honestly eat more vegetarian meals if I really understood how to do it and get all the nutrients I need. It seems a bit mystical to me at this point so I wish someone would publish Vegetarianism for Dummies. (I am not sure I would convert immediately but I would like to try out the recipes until they convinced me!)
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    Jul 25 2011: I became a vego about 6 month ago, before hand I looked up a lot of pros and cons, and debates around the subject. 

    I came to the conclusion that it you look at only one of the reason to become vegetarian, there are good debates contradicting that reason, but if you add all of the reasons why people become vegetarians, the debates why you shouldn't seem pretty stupid. I put It down to people being to lazy to make the effort to change, and to selfish because they like the taste of meat to much.

    I few rough facts off the top of my head, I won't use percentages as they are to varied and someone will end up replying to me that the source they read is 1% different. 

    Raising animals for food require much more land than for grow ing crops. There for we can use the same amount of land to feed more people. 

    Livestock require more water than crops

    Livestock release carbon Methane which Is much more harms up to the environment that carbon dioxide. Crops (plants) on the other hand release oxygen. 

    Livestock production require much more energy than crops

    They are just some environmental benefits, there are a lot more reasons to turn to a vegetarian diet (these to are debatable) such as better health, animal rights, and spiritual.

    I believe they world would be a lot cleaner and healthier.
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    Jul 29 2011: Isn't vegetation part of ecosystem then?
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    Jul 25 2011: Whether to become a vegetarian or not is largely a personal choice. When it comes to health, the best is a balanced nutrition. Man is an omnivore, hence we can basically survive on anything, even on a hamburger diet.
    True is however, that livestock production has a tremendous negative impact on the environment. On the other hand, if everybody would switch to a veterinarian diet, agricultural production would increase a lot, which most likely would result in even more and larger mono cultures, which would cause again environmental problems.
    So, again, I advocate a healthy and balanced diet without being extreme on one end or the other.