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Does education spoil the natural potential of students?

I feel education is spoiling the potential because education makes students narrowed to a particular sphere of life. They will be narrowed from the aspects of the world which would obviously reduce their world view.., i feel students only need adequate knowledge that would shape them well.., education is automatically got by experimentation.., there is no need to teach them the in-dept knowledge because they will learn that by experimentation..

  • Aug 24 2011: If you enroll in to the right school it should nurture your learning not dull it down.
  • Jul 25 2011: Thomas Alva Edison didn't have any sort of education.., it was only his interest towards the subject that made him great.., he experimented several times and discovered the electric bulb..,



    In my views education is just spoiling the experimentation ability of the students.., if everybody where free to live like Thomas then.., each individual citizen could do wonders..
  • Jul 25 2011: @ Christopher one can get to know about genetics by practical experimentation and there is no necessary to learn about Gregory.., people who have an interest towards the subject can do much much wonders than Gregory.., in fact by experimentation there are chances of proving Gregory wrong.., so learning should be by experimentation and interest and not just constantly knowing about a certain guy and his works.
    • Aug 21 2011: Students wouldn't learn much if they had to recreate all knowledge from scratch via experimentation. Should every child dissect an elephant to learn about elephant anatomy? Should every child go through all of Thomas Edison's experiments in creating a workable light bulb? And how could each child learn about art, music, philosophy and literature by experimentation? They could certainly experience these things for themselves, but without the benefit of a teacher to guide them I think most children would not know which of these artistic works would be most rewarding to experience.
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    Jul 24 2011: What you wanted to mean by education ? If your education mean traditional way of schooling where students are made to efficiently swallow something then agai efficiently vomit on exam paper with in a specific time then it's misnomer. As told earlier in other thread I prefer to say that process as CERTIFICATION which definitely spoils natural potential of students. THere are talks here on it by Sir Ken Robinson, please check those.

    Education in real sense helps flourishing one's potential.
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    Jul 24 2011: Don't let school get in the way of your education.

    In general I don't believe education narrows our minds; instead it opens them.
    The most inspiring lecture a teacher can give is admitting that they don't know the answers.

    How does anthropology reduce a student's world view?
    It shouldn't, it should open eyes to other culture and other times.

    What do you define as "adequate knowledge"? Wouldn't the transference of adequate knowledge from one person to another be defined as education?

    "there is no need to teach them the in-dept knowledge because they will learn that by experimentation.."

    There is certainly a need for it. Formal teaching allows short cuts so our time is available for application. There would be few aerospace engineers if every time they wanted to design a plane they had to experiment to learn the speed of gravity.

    What of genetics without learning of Gregory Mendel?