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Today we open our face book and read through the messages from our friends and click on links which contain comments and also read those. Why don't we build a social media that talks aloud those messages and comments aloud in the voice of the poster?


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    Aug 24 2011: Youtube briefly read comments aloud to people when they posted. It seemed to be in response to this XKCD comic: http://xkcd.com/481/

    I gather it took too much overhead and they took it away.
  • Aug 24 2011: because they're embarrassing to read out loud. plus do you want other people listening to what you're sending? it could be top secret.
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    Jul 25 2011: Hi my friend
    I feel it possible in few years later .at the same social websites.
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      Jul 25 2011: It is possible today! I will have a working site for demo in a weeks time. Also, I shall announce another concept with working functional pilot of a much greater scale! Masalama
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        Jul 25 2011: oh! thank you
        but exactly it's better I said : it will be access for all . free and easy.
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    Jul 25 2011: that's an interesting idea. i'm not sure how fast it would catch on, but it sounds plausible.
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    Jul 24 2011: This talking board later allows for translation into the language of your choice while still using that persons voice.
    So, now you have the ability to be friends with people who can not communicate in your native language allowing connections world wide with understanding. Kinda a United Nations meeting without the boring slow translator assigned.
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    Jul 24 2011: The mechanics would be similar to setting in a room with all your 100's of friends and hearing them all speak in an orderly fashion where you hear each voice, only you could reverse and comment on something that was said yesterday as could all others. A virtual world interaction with people you know.
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    Jul 24 2011: That's the next thing to happen soon I guess....:)
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    Jul 24 2011: i am tracking Randy... can you elaborate [?]... assuming some social lubricant in the social sphere that would speak to a social media board vs social media bored...
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      Jul 24 2011: Currently we open our face book and see our friends name, a pic, and/or written comment on another friends post.

      What if when we open the same page and those written comments are now transformed to the sound of the writers voice.

      Example: John Says,"I think that photo was ugly" heard in his voice. (and so-on with the other comments).