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Have you ever faced a near-death experience and if so, how did you relate to the world and yourself afterwards?

In some cases a dramatization of one's existence can connect you more pungently with the world. What happens afterwards and how you would choose to live again can be intriguing because of the extreme polarity in action of one person vs. another.

I encourage both fictional and autobiographical answers!

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    Aug 2 2011: I had a heart attack a couple of years ago. It caused me to live in fear for two solid years. I guess I needed a therapist after than event but could not afford one. Then one day out of the blue it all changed. I wish I could say it was a single even but I just got tired of being afraid every moment of the day that I would have another heart attack or since I am on blood thinners that I would fall down and bleed to death internally. I went back to the roots of my Christian Faith and started reading of the Celtic Christianity that seems to be less rooted in Greek logic and discourse and more in the idea that the world is a creation of God and he is in everything and still creating things. I also gave up the idea of having ambition at work to become a school principal and now I just focus on the students and helping them succeed. I always did that but now it seems clearer. Finally, I have started reconnecting with my horses. I have had a mustang for 5 years now and we just never got along. This summer we have spent every day together and one of the other people where I board mentioned that we seem more connected than ever before. So I guess that is what I can share I hope it answers your questions a little bit.
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      Aug 2 2011: Hi James,

      Your response is so interesting.

      I too am an advocate of Celtic knowledge (not rooted in Christianity, but I do appreciate the integrity of Jesus), amongst other indigenous belief systems that are a birthright of my heritage (Ugandan Clans and the Maya of Belize).

      Earth/Life-appreciating philosophies present a lot of qualitative knowledge and wisdom. I appreciate them greatly. I was wondering though, would you be interested in some sources about Animal Totems? Seems you have a connection with Horse Totem and that it might be helpful if you knew what some of the Native American tribes felt Horse represented in terms of knowledge, wisdom and power.

      If you're interested I'd be happy to provide you with some links for your perusal.

      I'm happy to hear you parted with your fear. That is the power of the Creator shining through you!

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    Aug 3 2011: Please do thank you so much for taking an interest.
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    Jul 28 2011: Lara, I also made a similar conversation and here are my thoughts:

    1. As I stated elsewhere here at TED, the essence of the belief system that I have grown into and the NDE which I would call the "anomaly" of all belief systems (belief systems being only based on "faith") and non-theist convictions (the anomaly of scientific evidence of higher dimensions) has so far shown me our fundamental unity.

    This what I call "universal perspective" has given me consistencies and meaning to any TED talk, news or any information that I have encountered so far.

    This is the basis of my intuition that we can transform our world, if we all keep an open mind to understand and an open heart to care, and translate all these into concrete actions.

    2. Another similar conversation - What 3 things did you learn while you were in a near-death experience?

    3. TEDster Colleen Steen had an NDE and she is sharing her amazing perspective in many of the varied TED conversations. Reading her comments is truly amazing and transforming.

    4. You are probably aware of NDE research but here is the link anyway for those interested.

    Have a beautiful day!
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      Aug 2 2011: Excellent, thank you for those links.