Søren  Schauser

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Again: Why are exactly we watching the world between past and future?

The lack of comments to my article "The universe from its beginning to its end must exist already. Why should observers of today be so lucky to witness the future first?" might reflect its slightly speculative character.
However, it remains in my view one of the most fascinating questions: What is the meaning of the fact that the reader of those lines 'coincidentally' stands exactly on the brink to the future - not before, not later?
One answer could be a variation of the so-called Anthropic Principle: That the reason is because we are 'supposed' to watch that future come.
My own suggestion is a kind of connection to the cosmological principle: That observers to all possible times in the Universe exists simultaneously. Everything that can happen, happens.
Whether this sounds convincing or not, a solution might have implications on well-known problems in classic philosophy like free will as well as modern scientific speculations like time travel:
When a traveller for instance accellerates and in accordance to Einstein's Special Law of Relativity forces himself into the future, he is simply visiting a world which is already there..
Anthropic Principle, cosmological principle - or?