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Why majority of people like their own caste, religion, language, state and country whereas none of these were their own choice?

We all love our country where we were born, where our ancestor belong no matter how poor it is or how many problems are there. We feel proud to say I love my country. Why? For most of the people that country was not because of their choice

We get our first language from our parents. We learn other languages however most of us always think that our native language is best we also fight to prove it
Why? For most of the people that language was not because of their choice

Not majority of People change their religion in which they were born. They like their religion which was not their own choice so much that they are willing to fight for it and they are willing to die for it. Why?

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    Jul 24 2011: As we do not select all these, its a advantage for community leaders. They get a group of such people without doing anything. So only work they have to do is keep people in same group. I think they do it by creating insecurity among people about their language,races and countries. Why you will fight for something if you don't think its unsafe. The method I think they are using for long time is Making people insecure.

    If somebody is hurt they make as to believe that we may also get hurt just because we have something in common and I think this is reason for people are willing to fight for it and they are willing to die for it.

    About loving(feeling proud) your country or language I think because your minds has stored more memory(and may be in special locations) about those than others. Just think about your country/language and your mind will throw hell lot of incidents and very few about new country/language.

    And I agree with Harald, What you describe in your post would be the prototype of a cultural and intellectual inflexible person. And I also like to add Insecurity in this.
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    Jul 23 2011: Rajneesh, the only thing we cannot choose is the place of birth.
    Language is a tool. You live in the UK, so speaking English is the obvious and most practical choice. I don't really think it has something to do with liking or not liking. My native language is German, however, I live in Mexico, hence on a day to day basis I speak Spanish and I mostly think in English, Spanish and Portuguese and only seldom in my native language.
    About religion: If you grow up with something you most likely will have a certain affinity to it. That's why our environment in addition to genetics is so formative.
    That doesn't mean however, that this is written in stone. I was born a catholic because my parents were Catholics. Still, I decided to leave church at an early age because religion didn't fit into my world view.
    When you talk about people willing to die for their religion, it's rather the minority and not the majority as you seem to imply in your title. And even this minority behaves the way the do because of other reasons such as lack of education, false promises from so called spiritual leaders, brainwashing, etc.
    What you describe in your post would be the prototype of a cultural and intellectual inflexible person.
  • Jul 24 2011: People are easily programmed if the programming is started at an early age.
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    Jul 24 2011: It's one's COMFORT ZONE that's why.
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    Jul 23 2011: From top of my head:
    1. It gives you a safety net. You know what to expect, who to turn to.
    2. Doesn't require any effort of learning, experiencing or accepting new.