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What caused the big-bang ???

Everyone know that the formation of universe is by the big-bang theory and the process of this explosion happened within few minutes.Till date the exact reason has not found which lead to this huge explosion .Please give your ideas and lets come to a conclusion .....

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    Jul 23 2011: ....coming to a conclusion ? That seems to be an ambitious goal, but I'm afraid that's not going to happen here on TED.
    The one who can prove a) that the big bang really happened the way we assume it did and b) the reason why it happened, most likely will receive a Nobel prize.
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      Jul 25 2011: Harald.............You are absolutely right !
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    Jul 23 2011: on the other hand there is a great series with morgan freeman called through the wormhole season 1 episode 4 called before the big bang. a south african man named neil turok describes m theory and ten dimensions plus time. a very good alternative to the big bang. check it out
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    Jul 23 2011: After years of torturing myself with that question, I realized that is beyond my comprehension. :D
    BUT... I decided to abandon my idea of what time is. So it makes it easier for me not to search for the beginning. Do I make any sence? :P
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      Jul 23 2011: Time, as we know it, don't exist. That's just a band of sensations about what we've seen and what we're going to see. Einstein changed everything, our time here may not be the same in Jupiter. But, deny the beginnings isn't a reasonable thing, for with Einstein's relativity if we have space we have time...
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        Jul 23 2011: I see your point. But what I wanted to say is... maybe we should think in terms of energy- it never get's destroyed, just changes form. Hence, it doesn't have a beginning. The concept of space as energy makes time irrelevant. So, there is no beginning, just a fluctuation.
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          Jul 25 2011: Sorry, but I couldn't understand... How may space be energy? Space is matter and energy flows from matter. If you want to say that matter is eternal (almost like Nietzsche's devir) you'll fight with something that is unacceptable for current understanding of universe origins.
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          Jul 25 2011: Marija.................I think energy cannot be destroyed, This is why I believe that when we die the "anima" survives. The big bang I could only speculate.
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        Jul 25 2011: Yes, let's say that matter is eternal. Just like energy it is impossible to completely un-do stuff :) Absolute creation (from nothing) is something divine, and since I don't believe in God, it comes naturally for me that there was no beginning, and there is no end.
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          Jul 25 2011: I really want to uderstand you, so my question is: How may it be?
  • Jul 29 2011: No clear, scientfic verdict on this one. The scientific community postulates the 3 possible scenarios ie open, flat and close universe (see link here http://skyserver.sdss.org/dr1/en/astro/universe/universe.asp). My personal take is more inclined to a closed system ie big-bang and big-crunch rather than a 'open' system where it forever expand and all matters just disappear into the abyss. I draw my own conclusion based on the conflciting,opposing presence of black-holes and dark energy and thus, as observed in nature (as a layman), 'what goes up must come down' principle. If you believe in religion, this is more intuned with Hindu Vedic or Buddhist belief about big-bang and big-crunch as the scripture spoke of aeons of years when such cycles occurs..
  • Jul 27 2011: Maybe the universe has cycles like everything in life does,maybe the universe has calasped in on itself before and then re expanded,(just my opinion and like i always say that makes it neither right nor wrong) thank you all for your time and have a great day/night and take care.
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    Jul 25 2011: Marija...Yes matter is eternal but remember that it can be TRANSFORMED into energy. It is such a puzzle. I think that there always was energy and somehow some of it was transformed into matter ???
  • Jul 25 2011: My personal pet theory is that two branes collided in n space. One brane universe had space and time the other brane universe was just matter compressed like in a black hole. When the branes collided the intersection of both became a new universe with qualities of both. This new universe had space time and loads of energy. The energy came from the fact that the two branes were at different energy levels. When the branes collided the potential energy turned into matter and antimatter. But the mass from the brane universe was unlike the potential energy. The particles hardly interacted with anything but every now and then a particle of antimatter would hit the dark matter destroying each other. The interactions were rare but they were enough to create the surplus of visible matter in the universe. The dark matter having nothing better to do, hung around affecting the gas around them and helping form the large structures of the universe. The big bang is still happening today. The further we see into the universe the closer we get to the big bang. Our event horizon blocks the view of the big bang which is still enlarging the universe. We are on the other side of an inflating balloon. We cannot see the mouth blowing the balloon up because we cannot see past the curvature of the balloon. Funnily enough the the universe we see at the far reaches is actually smaller than the space we inhabit now.
  • Jul 25 2011: The answer to this question cannot be known absolutely. We will only be able to find theories of what "caused" the Big Bang. If you can't live with an "uncaused caused" then it would be better to think of the Universe as eternal.
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    Jul 25 2011: Hi my friend
    this idea is like many debates i've been heard about them. near 14 centuries before,, the muslem read and learn that God created the earth (not universe) in six day.. .. and if you want to find any movement ,you need force ...
    your idea was my important question,, and i like search about facts and hear the all opinons and till now i can'nt find the answer better than God. any idea is thinkable for me.

    .and now
    what caused the big bang ???
    nobody can conceal this fact that is need a real force....
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    Jul 24 2011: ...all known life forms including our individual selves can be defined in terms of myriad and incredibly complex yet for the most part harmonious smaller forms of life, dwelling in relative symbiosis while opportunistically manipulating all manner of resources and in their own unique ways contributing to those organs functions and structures that give us form and allow us as unique collectives to perform those actions necessary to the continued viability of the whole we in our case call our person.

    By extension would it be unreasonable that we might consider the big bang as the event which birthed our known universe a super-organism on another order of existence in which we on a relative and micro cosmic level dwell unaware?

    Just putting it out there.
  • Jul 24 2011: Hey friends...Thanks for your involvement by giving comments.I want to say that i have two solutions for this question.
    1.If the universe is as a confined solid object with different layers such as crust,mantle and core similar to that of the earth ,with a situation of abnormal expansion in the inner most hot layer ,having no outlet such as volcanoes to the heat and molten materials .Then big bang has occurred by the explosion of the whole mass with the increase in pressure inside the solid object.Further the Scattered particles depending upon their composition of elements resulted in the formation of universe.
    2.If the above situation does not not exists then another solution is "the collision between two huge masses which resulted in the formation of universe".
    Expecting your views and suggestions.......
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    Jul 23 2011: The big crunch of course.
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    Jul 23 2011: A bunch of smaller bangs.
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    Jul 23 2011: what if the big bang was an intelligent civilazation that destroyed itself with nuclear weapons? We do not know what would happen if all of the nuclear weapons on our planet exploded plus all of the naturally occuring combustibles in nature. it would be a pretty big bang.is it possible that a solid planet the size of jupiter existed with many different forms of life billions of years ago? these forms of life following natural selection make war on other forms of life. if two intelligent civilazations make the same chess move to claim the checkmate it would nullify both.
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    Jul 23 2011: I have one idea that may not make sense but is an interesting idea never the less.
    What if the big bang was a planet exploding?
    If it was a planet (or something like that), it makes sense why the universe seems to be made up of all the same "stuff".
    But like I said, its just me thinking about it.