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What caused the big-bang ???

Everyone know that the formation of universe is by the big-bang theory and the process of this explosion happened within few minutes.Till date the exact reason has not found which lead to this huge explosion .Please give your ideas and lets come to a conclusion .....


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  • Jul 24 2011: Hey friends...Thanks for your involvement by giving comments.I want to say that i have two solutions for this question.
    1.If the universe is as a confined solid object with different layers such as crust,mantle and core similar to that of the earth ,with a situation of abnormal expansion in the inner most hot layer ,having no outlet such as volcanoes to the heat and molten materials .Then big bang has occurred by the explosion of the whole mass with the increase in pressure inside the solid object.Further the Scattered particles depending upon their composition of elements resulted in the formation of universe.
    2.If the above situation does not not exists then another solution is "the collision between two huge masses which resulted in the formation of universe".
    Expecting your views and suggestions.......

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