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What's Your Personal Definition Of Freedom ?

As Mr.Knopfler says, I don't like definitions, but if there should be a definition of freedom, it would be when you have control over your reality to transform it, to change it, rather than having it imposed upon you that you can't really ask for more than that.

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    Jul 24 2011: Freedom is the ability to control your thoughts
  • Aug 10 2011: wow, I come from other sites and this one seems free of hate. Excellent!
    Freedom to make mistakes, to learn, to inform and..

    I do not know if we need a government to rule any -"-acies" (Aristocracy, Corporatocracy etc.). I am afraid we do at the moment.

    Freedom gives also the ability (freedom) to grow beyond "normal" levels/rules. Freedom has some uncertainty.
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    Jul 29 2011: I define Truth as:

    The Truth is what IS, what is not truth is a falsehood, and a falsehood is that which seems to be.

    Of course we can remember that there is both relative truth and absolute truth.

    Relative truth pertains to this world of appearances, while absolute truth can only be spiritual.
    • Aug 1 2011: Sounds very nice, but I feel somewhat vague. How would you answer the following question: "Does our biological and material nature determine our mental capabilities, such as cognitive functions, imagination, e.q. free will?"

      I suppose the concept of god is your answer, correct?
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    Jul 28 2011: 1. a : absence of government
    b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority
    c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government
    2. a : absence or denial of any authority or established order
    b : absence of order : disorder
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    Jul 28 2011: There can be NO 'personal" definition of Freedom, in existential terms. The Truth sets us Free in all ways. Ignorance is the opposite of Freedom. No true Freedom can be arrived at through the psychological mind of man, yet , it can be known as a secondary effect / consequence of loving and committing to the Truth. If we are committed to the Truth itself, Freedom follows.
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      Jul 29 2011: well put!
    • Jul 29 2011: The problem of this definition is that it only passes the problem further to other equally difficult problem - Truth.
      How do you define the "Truth" then?
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    Jul 25 2011: The truth shall set you free...............
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    Jul 23 2011: Freedom is the lack of imposed restraint from someone other than the self.
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    Jul 23 2011: My personal definition of freedom sit that it can be in 2 forms.
    A person that is a slave and is not allowed to do anything that he or she likes or wants to do they can still have freedom if their minds are free. Free to think/dream about anything.
    And then there is the other form where you are free to do anything you want to do.
    But if there can only be 1 form then I would have to say that there is no 1 form of freedom cause we are not all in the same
    position. Some are bound to religion and things like that.
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    Jul 23 2011: Freedom defined is the ability to know and communicate your experiences without the restrictions of others. equlity is freedom.
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    Jul 29 2011: Thank you