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Promote a project or organisation to make the world a better place!

This is not meant to be a conversation where you state that drinking water instead of soda will change the world, neither is it one where you're supposed to list a number of things that everyone can do to make it a better place.

This is a conversation where off-topic comments are NOT appreciated and where you are supposed to promote and help develop one idea per entry (not person).

This conversation is about the BIG changes not the small ones or self improvements!

There also seems to be some confusion about what a project is and i refer to it as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project

You are of course welcome to comment on purposed projects and I ask that you do so, so that critique against projects that seem good are debated.

Now, I plead that you try your out most to follow these guidelines as I'm trying to compose a list of some kind of how to contribute to the world.


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    Aug 6 2011: I propose this idea only an example. might sound a little fictional but its better that way...

    if we can eliminate the people whom we acknowledge threat to society... for example (not literally kill them or exterminate)

    No means to offend anyone here. example only If Bin Laden is still alive and by miracle the US Govern and Al Qaeda would have made a truce between (ofcourse its impossible but you get the idea) it would have created a huge impact not only to the Americans but in whole world. It will put us in a situation were there is no one to be blame and that we are left fix the mess we have made. Imagine people living in peace, no more protagonist no more antagonist.

    but the question still remains is that Are we that peaceful type of people?. or majority of us are?

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