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What role has one to play in the rebuilding of a Fair World economy ?

Has Utilitarianism a place in modern society ?

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    Jul 28 2011: Accelerate our solution strategies in all levels. (1) Put out crises and avoid devastating risks (2) leaders formulate and implement a just political and economic system (3) leaders transform our industries (4) we the people participate and make our governments work and (5) we directly participate in our individual or collective capacities in transforming our world.
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    Jul 23 2011: I think we all have the responsibility to challenge misconceptions and utter BS when it is stated as fact. In our work places, in our lives everywhere we need to speak up and contradict ideas and policies that lead to general or greater unfairness. For example, my own country's agricultural trade policies confict with the aid policies that we espouse. Therefore, I think as a Canadian I have to speak up when the trade policies that are supposed to represent me lead to greater hunger in countries where we are working to remedy hunger.

    Speaking up has a price but that price is not as great as the ones that the people who suffer face and I have a voice and access while they do not.
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    Jul 23 2011: understand the causes and effects. that is the primary task.