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Criminals are always few steps ahead of police; it is interesting, isn’t it?

Police has a lot of resources; i.e., more people, more money, advanced technology and a lot of support from citizens, but still criminals are few steps ahead and number of crimes conversely rising. Why?

You can share any kind of comment on any side. Even your interesting experience in this regards.

How police could be stepped ahead of criminals?
If possible, what are those programs?
If not possible, why?

What is the role of citizens in this regard?


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    Aug 21 2011: It's easy for the criminals to step ahead of police, because the police have rules and procedures. The criminals get to observe this one large entities behavior and suit their actions to beat it.
    The criminals have no rules they have to follow but the ones they make up for themselves. So the police have to expect many different things and always be ready regardless.
    • Aug 22 2011: Dear Emery, Wonderful. You answered my question.

      Thank you very much.

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