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Could Aspergers syndrome be related to technology

Aspergers & Rebecca

In James Geary's new book I IS AN OTHER The secret life of Metaphor and how it shapes the way we see the world..He talks about about a woman called Rebbeca who has Aspergers syndrom. He speaks about how her social life is impaired do the symptoms of Aspergers. In essence , people with Aspergers can't decipher metaphors . They can't decode figurative speech , such as irony, sarcasm and humor. He goes on to say, basically these people are all most completely literal and concrete. If they are presented a metaphor such as your the Apple of my eye, they take it literally, WTF, I'm not an apple and I'm not in your eye.

This is curious, and I wonder if it relate to Dan Pinks work where in he talks about wht seems a deficit in our country when it comes to creative thinking.

This is starry, because our schools are getting back to basics when our county needs more creativity.

I also know from Marshall McLuhan, that the medium is the massage. Media shapes our perceptions . Thinking about the shooters at Culumbine, was observed that the boys where highly affected by violent video games and shot there victims as they wood in video games.

Have we got too far ?

And how do you think media is affecting your life?

Further, is it possible for a person to be on the other side of the spectrum, in other words living in the land of figurative speech almost interlay ?

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      Feb 20 2011: Ok, if we broaden the question, is there any connection between the rise in technology and our abilities to use our imagination?
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    Mar 3 2011: I believe that technology can play a role in helping those with Aspergers to use their abilities and find their niche but it sure doesn't cause or contribute to it.
  • Feb 19 2011: I think that some of the sensory issues people with Aspberger's deal with may be due to less physical exploration. Less unstructured and outside time, too much virtual living, especially for very little ones, tv. Living in a more adult-oriented setting may also influence this-- the child tribes I remember don't seem to exist so much in middle class America so much anymore. It may be that children have a tendency towards Aspieness that is exacerbated by a more virtual life, but opened up by more rough-and -tumble exploration not organized by adults.
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      Feb 20 2011: "virtual living" are we getting soft mentally?