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Are you aware of something called "Honor Killing" ? What's your view about the way of bringing this tyranny into an end quickly?

There is a discussion going on here on justification of Death Penalty started by Laurens Rademakers, lot of discussion going on there. Was thinking what about "Honor Killing".

If someone is not aware of that it's a traditional practice of Killing a preson or persons by family or tribe or society member for the sake of keeping the so called HONOR high. No surprise in most cases targets are Women (are we still modern human really ?)!!!

Though in general it is projected as to be something in place to keep sexual morality of society sacred by preventing extra-marital sex or pre martial sex or in broad to prevent adultary it's not always so. In many countries if women go to the court for a divorce even for a valid reason , after winning the case she is being killed in court premise not by her husband of family memebers of husband rather killed by her own father / brother/ any other family member of her own family !!!! What a brutal society we are still having !!!!

In some countries this so Called Honor Killing has got legal approval from in countries legislative code !!! For more reading can check the links below


I know how shocked & shameful the community here will feel about this brutality. Now the question is

How the sufferers can bring it to an end ?
Why this brutality is not in the media that much ?
What the aware empathetic MEN of those society should do?

Edit : Thread is edited to some extent since it was posted with the great suggestion from Birdia :)


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    Jul 29 2011: Salim,

    Honor Killiing is *not* legal in Iran. My father and his uncle are taking my other uncle who killed my grandmother to court! Not sure how the court system work sover there, so stay tuned to find out how this goes!

    Thanks for following my blog!
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      Jul 30 2011: T E
      Understand what you saying. I have no intension to say that it is or was "legal" in Iran. I am not a law specialist to say that even.

      I am afraid of illegally legalness of it. Let me explain, if some law is there but not enforced by authority or people of community don't come forward to get it implemented it can enjoy illegally legal status which is even dangerous.

      Say in my country bribary is illegal. But there is no implementation of it if anyone takes bribes. Even someone who has to offer bribe to get things done, gives that with all hatred and knowing it illegal (may be that person also takes bribe in his situation and place then it's fine , it's a right). The person who had made fortune out of bribes feels the pride externally with his/her fortune but also feels ashamed in mind as s/he knows how s/he made that fortune. Kids of those family never know (lately know defintely) root of their family fortune is bribe , once they know it they feel extremely bad lot of them get frustrated and have all the negative consequences.....

      But due to no application of that anti-bribary law in my country , corruption is rampant. Most of the job seekers first try Government Jobs just because of the opportunity of making fortune illegally. Even with in Government Job they categorise not on the basis of power or honour that job offers but on the basis how big the opportunity of having bribes.

      Same applies to law against "Honor Killing" in a country where law is there without impementation. Hope could clarify my point.

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