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What are you doing to make the world a better place?

I firmly believe that everyone can, and should, make a difference. How one does this is dependant upon many factors. What I am interested in is how people in the TED.com community choose to use their interests and talents. For the purpose of this discussion, let's leave "earning a pay cheque", "employing people", and "paying taxes" out of the conversation.


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    Jul 30 2011: No kids. My only daughter lives with her husband in one of the friendliest environments I have ever been to: Madison, WI. Their apartment on the University campus is surrounded by lakes and woods. Lovely place. Some time ago we were members of Clean Up the World in the institute where I worked. I retired, moved to the capital of the country and I just take care of my plants and try to be conscious about waste. I cannot imagine myself carrying a banner with the inscription: "Do not pollute the air" or "Do not leave taps open". I know there are places where people carry water in buckets, it is not our case. We have to fight unemployment, poverty and disease, care for the elderly people and the abandoned children. Even though we have plenty of drinking water, I guess what it must be to do without it.
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      Jul 31 2011: Less than 5 minutes ago: I know. tons of challenges ahead for us all. Sounds like you are making a difference, though. Thanks very much for the contribution!

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