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In order to make yourself happy, you need to make others happy first?

People have been pursuing happiness in such a short life-time, some could be extremely selfish while they can also live a happy life, someone could be crazy generous while they are also happy with that,They gain satisfaction by making others happy, i enjoy this power of helping. do you agree with the topic? please share your ideas:)


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    Jul 24 2011: I agree with Tim blackburn that people who are happy with themselves make others happy.You can not give what
    you don't have.The world will be a better place to live if there are many happy people.the positivity they exhibit will invariably affect others.
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      Jul 24 2011: Thanks for the perspective, that reminds of of the relationships between the countries, what if every country is trying to gain their on happiness based on other countries' miseries? so suppose China is happy with himself, but he could not offer the south east asian countries a happy environment, USA is happy with himself, it is still impossible for him to give the middle east a break. DO you think they are the same? or just because they are powerful enough to ignore others' feelings?

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