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What was Kevin Slavin trying to say?

Honnestly, I didn't get what Slavin was getting at, in his talk.

Could you, the users, contribute your educated take on what he was trying to say, because it seems to be beyond me.


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    Jul 22 2011: I think Slavin was trying to increase make us aware that our technology-rich world is active in ways we (mere mortals) cannot know. I see a few lessons to take away:

    1) Technology is not neutral-- what we design has political effects, unpredictable effects, and it is ambiguous.

    2) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was prescient when he wrote about the noosphere and Kevin Kelly may be correct when
    he writes about the technium-- perhaps this is evidence that technology is taking over the noosphere.

    I watch this while on summer break and I think about the students who will enter my classroom in a few weeks. I think I need to help them understand that those who control the computers today (and into the future) control everything... at least until the unpredictable happens!
    • Jul 22 2011: Thanks Gary.

      Much appreciate your take.
  • Jul 23 2011: I agree with Gary in a lot of ways. I think there is also a strong element of needing to slow down and think. The resonating idea with me is the kind of things we're willing to do to nature because of how much money a few milliseconds is worth. I also think a C.P. Snow quote is relevant "Those who don't understand algorithms, are controlled by them." and the follow-up is: What happens when no one understands the algorithms?