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Did TED Conversations get out of hand?

Is everything important or are most of the conversations that exist today breaking the conversation Terms?

Please read them if you haven't!

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    Jul 22 2011: i think you are correct, but i also dont see it as a bad thing. if TED rewrote the terms i would be very impressed.
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    Jul 22 2011: Interesting question, Jimmy, and in thinking about it, and looking at the terms, I notice an interesting distinction. In almost all of the TED talks, but in only a subset of the Conversations, there is a focus on action. The talks share results of something that has been done, plans or strategies for something that should be done, or solicit ideas for how a given project with concrete results could be done. This is an interesting contrast to the more theoretical/philosophical questions posed in the Conversations. Those topics, too, have a certain value, and yet, they often lead us astray (myself definitely included) from more "doing." In that sense, I think we may be holding to the letter of TED, but perhaps not the spirit. What do you think?
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      Jul 23 2011: I think that you put my thoughts into writing in a very good way Erik!

      I'm not seeing as many "results" on conversations as I want to see but I'm also thinking that the results from Conversations aren't always easily defined and may take time until seen.
      I am however a bit worried that "philosophical" debates and such are taking much to much of our time instead of actually "doing" things...

      On the other hand I see that many are engaged by these debates and questions and that they have chosen to participate in the TED community because of this and that it is making the world a better place by speaking about all kinds of topics...

      I'm still not sure what I think of the Conversation Terms vs Reality...
      Looking forward to more insightful input!
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    Jul 22 2011: Bawa bertenang encik (it means "calm down" in Malay language).... what are you mad of dear? please share, I'm a friend :>)
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      Jul 22 2011: I'm not mad Muhammad, I'm simply wondering if most of the conversations that exist nowadays are diluting the original intent of TED Conversations...
      I'm wondering if I'm wrong and therefore ask the question.
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        Jul 22 2011: No, you're not wrong at all.However,I do consider those unimportant questions as a pause to all other serious conversations.A place where all the TEDsters could finally lay down their serious thoughts for a while and just relax with other members of the community.Don't get me wrong,TED still is a place to spread ideas.But that doesn't mean we could not have fun from time to time.It's in our nature to act in such way.I hope you're not offended by any way possible.Have a nice day!
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      Jul 23 2011: Hi Zim, thank you!

      I wasn't expecting anything from TED Conversations although I have been getting a bit annoyed lately with many conversations "leading nowhere" (my own included)... and many conversations that are "hands on" get very little response and I feel that this is because TEDsters are more and more devoting their time to "fun" activities instead of participating in the "heavy stuff"...