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Why do you want to change or "save" the world?

I've spent most of the past decade living in various rural areas of Africa, and since returning to the UK (and, for a while, the US) this past year, I've been surprised at the amount of public attention paid to "saving the planet," especially when it comes to global warming and species conservation.

I'm curious as to what people's deeper motives are. What's wrong with just letting (assuming you believe in such) evolution happen?


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  • Jul 26 2011: I think the whole issue here is that its not "evolution" as such which is responsible for the current state of the planet. Its more like meddling with evolution. Entire landscaped have been changed by humans and changes have happenned at a rate much too fast to be attributed to evolution.

    The situation currently is a classic case of "You created the mess, now you clean it up" only that the mess threatens to take us down with it. As the recent unntaural disasters (Oil Spill, Fukushima) suggest. Not saying that its too late, more like too little.

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