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Why do you want to change or "save" the world?

I've spent most of the past decade living in various rural areas of Africa, and since returning to the UK (and, for a while, the US) this past year, I've been surprised at the amount of public attention paid to "saving the planet," especially when it comes to global warming and species conservation.

I'm curious as to what people's deeper motives are. What's wrong with just letting (assuming you believe in such) evolution happen?

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    Jul 30 2011: Because every one feels that he or she has not enough out of tis world till date, so it should be saved for further enjoyment! Irony of humanbeing is that we can not live in present so we want to save everything visible for future. We do not acknoledge the fact that whatever is created is bound to destroy sooner or later.
    • Jul 31 2011: I love your response. That's well put, and mirrors what I'm inclined to see. Thank you.
  • Jul 26 2011: Aren't human beings a part of evolution, though? And isn't what we consider a mess a perfect habitat for certain other species? We might consider the planet a "mess," but this is merely a human point of view. If we go down with it, as you say, I'm sure what will be left will be even more verdant.

    I don't understand how human beings are somehow seen as separate from nature. We're animals too; we're bound by the same laws and balances of life.
  • Jul 26 2011: I think the whole issue here is that its not "evolution" as such which is responsible for the current state of the planet. Its more like meddling with evolution. Entire landscaped have been changed by humans and changes have happenned at a rate much too fast to be attributed to evolution.

    The situation currently is a classic case of "You created the mess, now you clean it up" only that the mess threatens to take us down with it. As the recent unntaural disasters (Oil Spill, Fukushima) suggest. Not saying that its too late, more like too little.
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    Jul 22 2011: Simon, I know I should trust our system and our leaders but the news and the reality tell me otherwise so my thinking is we need to accelerate our solution strategies.

    Consider also the latest news today that United Nations Stalemates on Climate Change and Security

    • Jul 22 2011: Joe:

      Why do you "know" you should trust our system and leaders? And isn't the news part of that system?

      I'm wondering why we just don't embrace global warming and see what happens rather than try to prevent or restrain what's unfolding.
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        Jul 23 2011: Simon, perhaps to wait and see is all we can do. We can see global warming as part of our evolutionary process or we can see it also part of "God's plan".

        People may suffer and die but it's all part of the process and it is also the day of judgement, or it's all part of the prophecy.

        When we believe in God and in heaven, dying is simply going home to God and whoever causes all the suffering, someone, somebody somehow who's responsible will pay for it and suffer in eternal punishment.

        We are nothing special, we're just bunch of quarks that simply goes into evolutionary process, we simply change into another form of particles.

        The capacity of our minds to understand and of our hearts to care is nothing more than platitudes to keep us blissfully existing.

        Is this all we are? Is this all we can do?
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    Jul 22 2011: its something that makes sence, though, doesent it? its almost not that hard with everyone else helping. but i think part of it is having something to bring people together thats a common goal to live toward, like a sence of purpose. its nice its not another world war thats doing it too