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Does persistent aid from the US to the developing worlds help in understanding common people?

US is giving aid to the developing countries for long time. However, we see that in time of crisis, particularly in Egypt and Pakistan.The change in Egypt was completely unknown for US. Raymond Davis case is also mis-managed completely.

US is completely acting in a ways that shows that they do not understand these countries politically and up-to the extent of common man. How this can be improved through the aid distribution or now is the time is to adopt a complete approach?

  • Feb 21 2011: Aid is mostly wasted. We need open systems - full transparency. Why are full reports of all aid projects national, bi-lateral,multilateral and NGO not on the Internet? Why not?

    Aid to Pakistan should be conditional upon complete reformation of land ownership and taxation system. The high taxed lower classes of the West should not be subsidizing the low-tax, no-tax wealthy of the developing world.