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How can we change the world from the material world we're living to a world does not have a monetary system?

now days people are learning & working just in order to get those printed papers(money)
we all can see that money is made to keep people working so they can get more and the more they get the more they spend its like a people became slaves they just work and work just for the money am just wondering what will take to change this principle in the governments and citizens?

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    Jul 21 2011: i personally know nobody who would do anything just to get money. they all want stuff, like house, car, travel, theater ticket, book, good wine, freedom to move, freedom to change jobs and such things.

    you really know someone who actually wants paper money just for the sake of having it? sounds sick.
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      Jul 21 2011: exactly wanting things meaning wanting money meaning more consumption but here's the problem we're living in finite resource planet sooner or later using this style of consumption it won't be suitable for living
      in fact this is applied on every part of our life no matter what you want you must have money to get even if money do not get it for you directly money became a life necessary
      what is the problem in giving things for just collaboration?
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        Jul 21 2011: three observations.

        one. i don't see any problems with wanting better food, better shelter, better clothing, better healthcare, buying a book with poems, visiting a faraway city, etc etc. why would we want to change that? don't you wish internet access to those who does not have? don't you wish them better cars or bikes? accessible medicines?

        two. this entire "finite resource" thing is something you didn't talk about in your opening post. it was about material desires and money, and not about global resource management. are you moving goalposts ingame?

        three. wanting material goods and the existence of money are totally unrelated. people wanted material goods long before the invention of money. and if money is somehow (foolishly) abolished, people still will want material goods.
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    Jul 21 2011: Here's one of TED-ED's Facebook likes, It's quite a good example http://www.justfortheloveofit.org/
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    Jul 21 2011: Make united nations the ONLY government on earth. That will end the need for currency and we can start redefine the concept of commerce and properties. Start sharing resources instead of trading them. Acting not as countries but as a race.