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I think the Presidents shouldn't get paid while in office.

I think that a presidency, should be seen a service to the country. While in office the "state" would cover all the expenses of the president and his or her family. Being a president should not be a way to make money, through an exorbitant salary. That money could be better used to help citizens of that country, rather than line the pockets of its leaders.

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    Feb 23 2011: Agreed. High salary is important. And a low salary would only exasperate corruption. He will seek it. The system will devolve into extreme bribery. More than it is, if that's possible.

    I think perhaps there should be NO president or unitary executive. And the supreme court should be appointed by direct democracy maybe or appointed by an independent jury-body of random and select common citizens.

    Elections are too short. They spend more time taking bribes and pandering than fixing the country.
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    Feb 22 2011: Every country is different in that respect I suppose, but for example, the president of the US doesn't make a big salary. If you think about the personal investment a presidential candidate makes into his campaign and take into account that a president's salary is US$ 400K/year, then it's not really a huge salary.
    The money a president (or actually more an ex-president) makes is more of indirect nature such as book deals, speaking engagements, etc.
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    Feb 20 2011: Well I have to say that what ever salary they get those that want to corrupt them can and in many cases do, just offer them more money. I think corruption is not the result of the amount of money on offer, but rather the result of the flawed character of that person. The "ideal" of my proposal, is to route out those people that want the position of presidency for the wrong reasons. I mean they are (in most countries) only in office for 4 years, and besides it is not like they are living from pay cheque to pay cheque before they get to the point of being able to run for the presidency of a county. These are successful people, it just some are successful for the wrong reasons, and they are the ones to try and discourage.
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    Feb 19 2011: The president, as well as all the others politicians that make decisions crucial for the country have to earn well enough not to be susceptible for corruption.
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      Feb 20 2011: OK, but $400,000? As current history shows, former presidents do quite well upon leaving office. I agree that a salary is in order, but that much? Its not like hiring a company CEO where she might choose another company because the compensation was not good enough. Also, if corruption is the concern, then there need to be more controls around government officials, not a higher salary. There are more than enough good people with integrity that would be President for a minor salary.
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    Feb 19 2011: We want a president to be fully dedicated to his task of president. If you don't give him a salary, he will have to find an alternative means of revenue and running the country might become secondary to him.
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    Feb 19 2011: I don't agree my friend, I think it should be well rewarded as a job. Enough to keep the mind off his/her own echonomic issues and focus on the country's needs. As I do agree with you in that it should be a service to the country, I believe the country should reward them for this with a sustancial salary.
    I do think, however, that the state should rationalize the expenses covered. In my country, for example, our beloved presidence donesn't hesitate to use the presidential airplane for personal reasons, which is of course exhorbitantly expensive to run. Or she takes a helicopter to meetings to avoid traffic, costing thousands of dollars to the states archs.
    A diplomatic journey to somewhere else should not be covered in luxury like they always are, but rather save on things like that and use THAT money for better purposes. After all, they do have enormous wages.