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Efficiency or laziness: Is text messeging ruining the young generations personal skills? Is the paper world coming to an end?

I wonder if out of sheer laziness the people of the now Playstation Generation have created their own spin off of the English language using terribly idiotic abbreviations for so called emotions. The real kicker is, its not just effecting the younger generations anymore, its spread like a virus to the older generations also, its odd enough my dad sending me text messages but even more sickening when they say "LOL UR FUNY : )" OMFG dad, (Yes, pun intended). Isn’t amazing that a one generations spurt within the technology industry is single handedly wiping out the now English language. Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh but that is the beauty of having your own opinion now isn’t it. But I should at least look at it from a few other points. The paper world is coming to an end, and no matter how bad some of us would like to keep it, eventually cost effectiveness and efficiency will always win the war, so maybe this change in the English language is not a bad thing. The only languages that never change are the ones that cant survive, they grow out of their own times, and more efficient languages arise, look at Latin or Greek, they are still used but very few still actually speak them anymore. So with that being said maybe this is just the next stage in the life of this language. I have seen kids it grade school that can text faster than they can talk, and the sad things is, is that these kids are learning this new way to talk to people without actually talking to them, these kids are masters of the texting and Messaging side of things but have not even learned social skills for when they are face to face talking with people, and most all the adults are still clinging on to what in my eyes is proper English. And with that my grip on the language loosens, for I know we can’t stop the masses, even if they are giving up the beautiful language for nothing more than efficiency. I implore you my friends can you find the line that separates efficiency from laziness?


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    Jul 21 2011: I believe a lot of this can be reduced to an extent by parents introducing their kids to cell phones over time. Although there exist outside factors such as peer pressure and popularity of products, this is where the proper parenting skills need to come in and attempt to educate their kids properly. Just like college dorm rooms, you need to start out with the cheapest ones you can find at first, so over time you can appreciate the great ones when you have them, let alone not over use them. I have been working abroad this summer and have had to downgrade from my 4th generation touch screen phone to an absolute basic 20 € phone. It has been a great experience for me personally when I am commuting to work, instead of messing with my phone, I am reading. I know all of this may not apply towards children immediately, but the basics are understood.

    Two last points. Language evolves and is affected by its surroundings, how can we argue what is natural and what is not? Is there a such thing as unnatural evnolution? I am also absolutely turned off by what seems to be this lazy new form of speech brought in over the past decade, just a question I wanted to ask.

    Finally, I do not think that books will completely leave our world. You are right when you say effeciencey will win. Yes, paper books will be greatly reduced, and it is argued that plenty of people love the feel of a freshly made book, and that is enough to keep them in society. I don't think ebooks will win over all because of the safe accessablity of paper. You dont need to charge paper books, and they dont crash and suddenly lose information on you (unless you burn them). Even cloud computing or reaching your books from a server is still susceptible to crashing.
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      Jul 21 2011: Great points Colin and I agree we can't really argue what is natural or not, we can only stick around and see how it all pans out. Its like what scott said in a past comment, "language must be dynamic to survive". On another note, as long as parents keep buying 8 year olds cell phones on their maxed out Visa cards then, your right, it will be alot harder for them to appreciate the technology they are given, let alone not over use them = )

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