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Why is the world's largest democray, India, unable to evolve positively in its human rights its identity?

I wonder How a country that is described as the world's largest democracy, like India, can at this point in time execute a political dissident, a political refugee like Professor Bhullar, despite the lead judge Justice Shah, finding him not guilty, because he went up against the police to investigate 42 missing students who disappeared at the hands of the police in 1992
Is it possible for India to look back and create justice after the genocide of the sikhs in 1984-94, after the genocides in Nagaland of the christian miniorities and its military occupation, after the military occupation of Kashmir and police states in Assam.

A country that created ideologists like MK Gandhi and a country where three major religions of the world: hinduism, buddhism and sikhism were born?

How can the world's largest democracy create more justice in its own land as it emerges as a rising nation? If it does not evolve in human rights then is it an emerging nation?

Without an evolution of human rights can it really be called the world's largest democracy despite its electoral system?

Why are young Indian citizens so nationalistic and the media falling prey to extreme right wing views? Will this mean a more democratic, open India?
Where has the vision for MK Gandhi's humanity gone? Was it ever there- there have been political commentators who have shown that even MK Gandhi's vision was for a Hindu nation.

How do we as global activists create positive change in countries we come from or in countries where political dissidency is a crime?

How can global activists really effect change?

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    Jul 22 2011: Continually reinforce it with the principles of freedom, justice and truth. Expound it wih our digital infrasctructures.
    • Jul 25 2011: Joe
      Thanks for sharing such positive ideas. It is critical that any democracy reinforce the principals of freedom. Professor Bhullar is being subjected to judicial murder- as said by Member of the European Parliament- Graham Watson. When a judge has found someone not guilty there is enough doubt in the case- it should not be a judicial murder. Yet India will constantly have excuses. What excuse is there to no reinforce justic, truth? If you had a country in one day, let alone fifty years.....
      I like your idea of the way technology could change this for the better esp in human rights, transparency etc. Going onto the site you've recommended.
  • Jul 25 2011: I'm sorry that i might have incurred your wrath but bear with me. India has been populated for thousands of years. A shit load of cultures were born, destroyed, invaded, modified, imported and mutated. The have been kings, emperors gods by the bucket load.

    Now the united states was also inhabited for thousands of years. Unfortunately some white guys from Europe came to America and systematically killed most living people. The inhabitants were replaced by invaders that were themselves persecuted in their home countries. They formed a uniform cohesive society with one main goal, the right to do whatever they want.

    The U.S might be bigger than India but the history is totally different. India has growing pains because of its legacy. It is up to the Indian people to clean up their country and i believe they are succeeding. It might be slow but they will do it.
  • Jul 23 2011: India is a large country with lots of people. What they need is time and lots of it. Already the youth of India are becoming smarter and more independent than their parents yet India is filled with traditions and customs. The cast system still exists in India. India does not need more condemnation. It only requires patience. They will change slowly but surely.
    • Jul 25 2011: Jaeyun a large country! what an excuse. Did the USA terrorise its own citizens with military occupation post 9/11. That is what India did to Punjab in 1984 when it was at the height of a civil disobedience movement and strikes. Time?? They have had 50 years. The youth of India is becoming commercially smarter does this mean they have a clue on conscience or for fighting for human rights? You have judiciary murder taking place in the case of Professor Bhullar's execution- the media potray a terrorist, whereas he was a lecturer investigating why 42 students went missing in his College through police terrorism. Judiciary murder highlighted by Member of European Parliament, Graham, Watson on youtube.
      India is stepping into the medieval ages if it can execute people on political grounds. They have done nothing to combat race hatred and rise of right wing, when minorities face persecution.
      India should be condemned- it's not your brother or sister tortured by police or eliminated by the state.
      India and China are rising powers but they have not proven anything on a human rights level aside from supression of political dissidents.
      Your patience only applies because no members of your family , friends or you are targetted by draconian laws so you are penalised.
      America had one Guantonomo Bay, Punjab has had around a thousand.