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Beyond just science and religion, let's converse about the INFINITE implications of the purpose of ALL life. What does Existence stem from?

When it comes to all of Existence, I must first recognize Infinity. Infinity - though seemingly (generally) agreed upon by those who are religious and those who are scientific - does not get its due. This is perhaps because as incarnate finite beings in heavy flesh & blood bodies, most of us are not even capable of fathoming the scale of what Infinity actually entails.

It seems to me that Infinity, by its very nature, is beyond time. As tiny, young, largely inexperienced, generally unwise developing beings; what our species chooses to conceive about Infinity is actually very limited. It is treated like a number even while it encompasses all possible numbers. It is considered a time unit, even as it outexists all of our conceptions of time. This is not only something to be noted, but something to be observed, reflected upon and revered.

If Infinity is, in fact, "a 'number' greater than any assignable quantity or countable number;" and if the Omniverse is Infinite; and if everything exists within the Omniverse; then as far as I'm concerned, Infinity is "a formed existence greater than any assignable measure or quantifiable expression." What is not needed, what is lost, what is not included, within Infinity? Infinity necessitates EVERYTHING because Infinity IS everything. Everything is needed within Infinity because Infinity negates nothing!

To me, all consciousness' are the result of Infinity experiencing itself. Consciousness is the ongoing result and experiment of Existence (Infinity) Experiencing Itself. Our species is but one form of Existence experiencing itself. Plants, our animal cousins, planets, dimensions, elements, galaxies, etc. are each their own manifestation of our infinite existence experiencing itself.

Our species has lived only thousands of years and we've developed what we consider an advanced form of consciousness: self-reflection, language, creation, etc.

What, then, do you suppose is the likely consciousness awareness of Infinity itself?


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    Aug 18 2011: My human self is a finite aspect of an infinite consciousness. We all emerge from the same infinite source in the same now moment. Source energy knows no distinctions at all. This is unity consciousness.

    Like a crystal or a prism or light shining through a kaleidoscope, source energy is reflecting back upon itself from billions upon billions of different angles, each point of perception a different experience of the infinite whole.

    The infinite cannot be understood by mind. This is one reason we need music and art and those moments of sublime realization when our connection to the infinite is tacitly realized. There is no way to think through it or to puzzle it out or collect evidence or scientific proof. These are mental activities which all have their place in human endeavours, but they can never help us to realize the infinite. The infinite is not external to us - if it were it would not be the infinite.

    We are the infinite.

    Peace and love.
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      Aug 18 2011: Beautifully said, Michael Hey.

      Thank you for sharing! Agreed.
    • Aug 20 2011: Michael,

      I agree with Sanyu that what you said was poetic. But in my opinion reality can't be based on poetry alone. Beautiful literature, art and music enrich our lives, but emotional appeal is not the same as proof. Your beautiful words contain many unsubstantiated assertions. You say that there is an "infinite consciousness", but offer no substantiation for this, or for assertion that your human mind is a finite aspect of this infinite consciousness. You also assert that we all emerge from the same "infinite source". Again no substantiation. You had just mentioned "human self", so presumably "we" refers to humans. Saying that we all emerge at the "same now moment" ignores the fact that humans as individuals "emerged" at different times spread over hundreds of thousands of years, and that humans as a species emerged over a period of millions of years.

      Other postings in this discussion have explained that "infinite" does not mean "everything that there is". Conceptually a line is an infinite number of points, yet it does not include all the points on other lines. An infinite series of even numbers does not contain the odd numbers, not to mention irrational numbers, or imaginary numbers. So to say "The infinite is not external to us - if it were it would not be the infinite." is not just unsubstantiated, it is demonstrably incorrect.

      Peace and love is good. I agree with you there.

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